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5 years ago

Today is February 29th - Leap Day! I have never done anything to celebrate this 'holiday' but since I feel the need to romance and date my husband, I decided I would surprise him with a Leap-ful day after he gets home from work. This will be our very first leap year officially together. We actually started dating about a week after the last leap year in 2008! 

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I looked on the internet for some ideas and compiled my own ideas for how you and your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or even friends or children can spend this rare day.

Childhood Games - with a leap:

There is something so fun about revisiting childhood. These things will be fun with or without children present.

  • Play leapfrog
  • Fly a kite - watch it leap into the air
  • Play hop-scotch
  • Jump rope or play dubble-dutch
  • Do three-legged races, sac races, or hop-on-one leg races
  • Skip stones
  • Pin the tail on the kangaroo or pin the crown on the frog
  • Hide plastic frogs and have a "Leap Day Frog Hunt" like an Easter Egg Hunt
  • Make Orgami Frogs (directions here)
  • Leap into a pile of leaves or (more likely) in a pile of snow

Get out of your comfort zone - and take a leap:

What a better day to try something new than a day that only comes once every four years?  Quit putting off something you've been wanting to do and do it today.  Take a leap of faith. Traditionally leap year was a day for the woman to propose to her man... so nothing seems out of the question.

  • Propose!
  • Go bungee jumping
  • Go sky-diving
  • Go repelling
  • Go cliff jumping
  • Try a new type of food or cuisine
  • Sing karaoke when you're afraid of singing in front of a crowd
  • Try doing stand-up comedy for the first time
  • Go to a concert (and leap out of your seat!)
  • Cook a new recipe or something completely from scratch
  • Go to a water park and do lots of canon balls and dives off the diving board
  • Anything else that you and/or your significant other have never done before!

Brush up on your history - and have a fun theme for your date or throw a party:

It's a great day to learn about the origins of the calendar and why we even have a leap year.  Going along with that you could...

  • Make your date Roman-themed or have a toga party
  • Watch the moon-landing on youtube (seen here) and have a space-theme
  • Learn about famous people who had February 29th birthdays and do things based upon that person's life. (see a list here)
  • Visit your local zoo or even pet shop and learn more about frogs, kangaroos, or all things leaping.

Have a night-in - Leap Day style:

There are several TV shows and episodes that would finish up a perfect evening or make for a slightly more excited date night in.

I hope these ideas help get you started on creating a very fun day for you and yours.  Let me know what you end up doing and pass any other good ideas along.


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