Fraud or Not?

8 years ago

There are so many accusations these days against ACORN that they've committed voter fraud, but is it really?  To commit voter fraud, one must actually try to vote and present documentation at the polls as someone else.  Has anyone done this?  Not so far.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now sent 13,000 part-time workers to 21 states to sign up voters in minority and poor communities.  Somehow, legitimate registrations were mixed in with the actual registrations, leaving Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck somehow able to vote.  Of course, it is highly doubtful that anyone would actually show up at voting precinct, ID in hand, ready to prove that they're one of these beloved Disney characters.

Did doing these illegitimate signups do any actual harm to the country?  Some say yes, others say no.  Here's a good question: Did it harm you and your ability to vote?  If not, then take into consideration if it would harm the ability to vote of friends, family, and, finally, the rest of the nation.  If you're still saying no, then chances are, it didn't do any harm.  If you're saying yes, then ask yourself how it's doing harm.

Mostly, what this has done is cause us to be able to laugh at the idiocy of some people who have chosen to go and make up names in order to get more registered voters.  It's a little funny when you think about a cartoon mouse or duck going to the precinct to cast their ballot.  Can you imagine what might be said if Mickey showed up?  What if kids had gone with their parents to see what this voting thing was all about and they saw him?  It might cause a riot.  But, it is highly unlikely that that would happen, as this is reality and, though some people do crazy things, they would probably not try to make themselves out to be Mickey Mouse.

As for Obama having ties to ACORN, does he really?  He's denied it, but his denial won't be good enough for people who are set to make sure that his "liberalness" is kept out of office.  It's kind of ridiculous when you think that someone so busy as Senator Obama is being accused of having close ties with the whole scheme.  Even if he did have pretty close ties to them when he was in his thirties, does that mean that he has ties to them now?  Are you still a member of all the same organizations you joined 16 years ago?

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