Very Cool: Flipboard iPad App Turns Your Feeds Into a "Social Magazine"

7 years ago

I knew Flipboard for iPad was going to be cool -- but I didn't know just HOW cool. I didn't expect it to be such an instant hit that it would cause server congestion, making it impossible for me to be able to add content to it. There's nothing sadder than getting this message when trying to set up your cool new Flipboard:

This might be worse than having to wait for the iPad release itself. Because as everyone with an iPad or an iPhone knows, it's not the device so much as it is the magic of a really good app that makes these tools so important in our lives. And the Flipboard -- it's one heck of a good app. Take a look at the video from the Flipbook team:

Picture what your own Flipboard might look like: beautiful graphics, cleanly displayed text, from the people who are important to you all wrapped up in a digital magazine delivered to you instantly and updated constantly. Better yet, take a look at mine. (Patience and persistence paid off; I was able to update my Flipboard within a half hour of installing the app.)

First, take a look at what my Facebook news feed looks like in a browser:

Now look at it in Flipboard.

Notice recent contributors across the top? That's cool. Clicking an item allows you to leave a comment right from the Flipboard app. Beautiful, seamless. I'm in love.

Page 2

Now look at my Twitter stream in a browser. (Yes, of course you can use Tweetdeck or some other tool, but you still have this linear type of list to sift through.)

Now look at it in Flipboard.

Page 1

Page 2

Another page

This app -- this is what a game-changer looks like. Don't take my word for it:

Have you installed Flipboard? Do you have ideas for how it might be used in the future? If you haven't bought an iPad, does an app like Flipboard make you more likely to purchase in the future?

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