"Breaking Bad": A Well Choreographed Flamenco [Video]

4 years ago

Being habitually behind the popular culture eight ball as I usually am, it was a while before I got into Breaking Bad. I didn't like the violent noises coming from the other room. Included were shrieks and cries of anguish, and that was just from the family audience watching.

Eventually, one cannot help but be pulled in by the cast of Breaking Bad. It's inevitable and one might as well sit down and give in. If it's not the cast, it's the story line. If it's not the story line, then you'd have to be a rock not to love the musical score. What a package. What a show. I'm a fan.

So, here. Just in case you missed the last show of Season Four, here is a great video clip of Walter White and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman burning down the meth SuperLab. But, there is more to it than that. Listen to the musical score and how the action is coordinated to its tempo. Masterful.

Walt and Jesse destroy the SuperLab.

Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Spanish influence in the Flamenco guitar is hypnotic. It captivated me and I had to find the origin of this musical piece. When I did, I was very surprised, as the musicians are teenage brothers.

Look who's playing this Breaking Bad score!
What great young musicians. Their mother must be so proud.The Taalbi Brothers were fifteen and thirteen years old when they composed the theme. As the YouTube title says, they "shred" flamenco rock guitar. I haven't been so thrilled since Antonio Banderas played in the beginning of the movie, "Desperados."
How the Fourth Season finale was filmed.
So, if you haven't done the Breaking Bad marathon, now's the time. It takes a firm commitment and several days. Work starts back bright and early Monday morning.
Better get started.

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