Flag Football

6 years ago

Charlie decided he wanted to play football this spring instead of soccer. I'm not overly thrilled with the idea but am going with it. He is playing in the Upward league at the same church he played soccer at in the fall. Charlie is the only Kindergartner on the team. There is one 1st grader and the rest of the team are 2nd graders.

Practise started March 3rd with a scrimmage on March 12th. The first real game of the season isn't until March 26th.

Charlie is giving it his all in practise. He can catch OK up to about 5 yards. Charlie can't throw the football unless he uses 2 hands. He also has this little hop jump thing he does when throwing the football. We have 4 drills to learn. Coach said he will create a simple play book for the boys.

At the scrimmage Charlie was a wide receiver. Unfortunately Charlie did not get much field play time during the game. Charlie was upset that he didn't get to play much of the game. He asked Hubby and me when it would be his turn again to play several times. We told Charlie he needs to tell the coach that he wants to play more during the game.

Hubby and I will be paying attention the next few games. If the rotation does not improve, then I will say something. I do not want my son to decide he can't play football or to dislike the game. It was bad enough that during the practises the older kids were making negative comments about the 2 littlest players. I know most of that has to do with the fact that they are 8/9 year old boys who are full of themselves. I had to remind them that teammates do not make fun or tease other teammates. I also reminded the 2 boys who are the most talented that they are not perfect themselves and they had dropped or missed the football more than once.

For now Charlie is having fun and enjoying himself. He is feeling good that he can catch the ball most of the time. He is trying 110%. That's what is most important to me.


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