Fish Wives

Neglected Wives Sell Fishing Rods

At the dentist's office yesterday, I flipped open a magazine to read about the "Girl Hunter."

I was immediately mystified by an ad inside the front cover.

It showed a well-dressed, angry woman trying to bend some curving thing.

I read the words tracing the curve, and finally clued in.

This woman couldn't break the indestructible Ugly Stik and was upset she couldn't sabotage her husband's fishing trip.

I saw a link to 'meet' more of 'the wives' on YouTube and got a sick feeling in my stomach.

Ugly Stik Wives Uncut #1 - YouTube

Ugly Stik Wives Uncut #2 - YouTube 

That is some great acting! Their emotions are so strong. They are jilted wives, cheated-upon, neglected.


They are sad and angry that their husbands are off with the good ol' boys, having fun, while they are at home, alone or with the kids, working, cleaning, cooking, and resenting every minute of it.

They depict these women lacking lives of their own, and resenting that men feel entitled to pursue their interests.

These women are expressing one of the basic underlying causes of marital conflict: the women want to spend time with their husbands. And they want them to WANT to spend time with them.

Why? They love them. And they also might want to have sex!

Experienced husbands know: you get in proportion to what you give. Or as I always say, "A happy wife is a horny wife." I know, that's so terribly cheesy. But it's true! And I don't mean it in a quid pro quo way... you just have to invest in your relationship if you want to have a healthy, satisfying, pleasurable partnership. It's simple Game Theory!

With all that in mind...

Why do so many commercials aimed at men fan the flames of the War of the Sexes?

Why do they try to sell the idea that your wife is a nagging mother-figure, restricting your fun and freedom, wanting you to take responsibility at home?

Why do they perpetuate the idea that an imbalance of responsibility and fun is the norm in marriages?

Could it be that they are trying to tap into a latent vein of adolescent rebellion.. and the way to rebel is to go off with the good ol' boys?

How do ads like this make you feel?



Kylie Menagh-Johnson

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