Feminists Continue to Turn Blind Eye on Weiner's Lewd Behavior

6 years ago

The Twitter scandal of Anthony Weiner, aka "Weinergate," took a bizarre turn today that even political satire writers could not have imagined.

This morning, Big Government, part of the Breitbart family of websites, released two photos that were allegedly of Weiner and proved that he had engaged in sexually inappropriate online activities with a number of women.

Amidst rumors of even more photo evidence,  Weiner called a press conference where he fully admitted to engaging in "inappropriate" sexual activities with at least six women via Twitter, Facebook and phone calls. This afternoon, ABC published an interview with the same woman who initially approached Breitbart.

Despite his admitted lies and witch hunt of the conservative blogger, Andrew Breitbart, Weiner refuses to resign. (Breitbart did finagle an apology out of Weiner after strangely hijacking the press conference when Weiner was 11 minutes late.)

This twist is particularly interesting because in many ways it displays the hypocrisy of women on the left.

Despite having a lengthy history of being a womanizer since 2001 and audio recordings of Weiner publicly using sexual innuendos with a female reporter in the hallway of the Capitol last week, feminists and lady blogs have been slow in calling out the actions of Rep. Weiner. If they covered it, it was to make jokes about Weiner's last name or what guys should sext.

Why are avowed feminists allowing Weiner to call himself a "victim" and attempting to justify his lecherous behavior?

At this point, it's unclear if Weiner broke any laws by conducting these activities on government equipment in both his office and home, but he did clearly break his wedding vows.

But it's ok to "stalk" women and at least emotionally cheat on his wife because Weiner has never engaged in any of those "family values" policies. According to Amanda Marcotte:

It seems that even a year ago, the grounds with which a politician's sex life became a matter of public interest depended on said politician's own stance on sexual privacy. "Family values" politicians who supported government enforcement of their religious sexual mores open the door to having their private lives investigated for hypocrisy, and those who didn't were left alone. As far as I know, Anthony Weiner has never suggested that it's appropriate for the law to try to control the sex lives of consenting adults, either through abortion bans, restrictions on contraception, or discrimination against gay people. Even with Eliot Spitzer, the question was that he was soliciting prostitutes while prosecuting others for the same behavior.

Her colleague, Emily Yoffe, agrees:

Weiner acknowledged he informed House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi that he had been lying previously when he said he didn’t send the dirty picture of himself, but he was not going to resign. As we saw from the instantaneous departure of Chris Lee, had Weiner had been a Republican, under John Boehner’s leadership there wouldn’t have been a press conference, there simply would have been no more Weiner.

These posts back up Jessica Grose' earlier proclamation that Weiner's behavior was ok because he supports good liberal policies:

Why didn’t this salacious, potentially career-destroying story generate the same insta-circus as “Craigslist Congressman” Chris Lee’s beefcake photos or any one of the many GOP sex scandals over the last several years? It’s due in part to the journalistic torpor of the long holiday weekend, but—let’s be honest—it’s also because he’s an outspoken liberal. And that’s not a bad thing.

Conservatives might cry foul over the double standard in reporting on sex scandals for Democrats and Republicans, but it’s justified. There’s the low-hanging fruit of hypocritical “family values” zealots who get caught, quite literally, with their pants down cheating on a spouse. But it’s more than that. In the case of Republicans, who have been waging a fierce legislative war on women, they’re not just screwing around on their wives, they’re screwing over millions of American women and families by eliminating reproductive freedom, undermining equal pay laws, and restricting access to affordable health and child care.

Are feminists really this easy (pun intended)? They're willing to allow a man with an apparent sex addiction and a blatant disrespect for women to stay in office because he supports abortion?

Bottom line: Weiner used his position in Congress to start inappropriate relationships with women via social networks. In any other situation where a man used his power and authority to engage in a sexual relationship, that would be harassment, and he would be fired.

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