Fellas, MYOB about abortion already!

4 years ago

Listening to a lengthy discussion of abortion by local candidates for Congress on local radio, my mind started to reel.

My ex-husband was active duty in the military when we walked in to the military hospital waiting room to join the other new mothers with infants in tow who had accompanied their hubbys scheduled for vasectomies that day. What a tragedy! So many potential babies would never have a chance and the government was even picking up the tab!
Maybe there should be a law against such loss and expense?
How may prostate procedures are also perfectly legal and publicly funded? Won't this also impact potential births? Don't give me the "for the health of the man" argument. Not while I'm half-listening to what is on the radio right now. Just don't.
Of course I am being silly but listening to the competitive gassing-on of competing candidates discussing a medical subject as political policy just makes me weary. Maybe these men are carrying a deep-seated resentment of some sort and feel the need to make a law to impact a deeply personal and private decision. Perhaps their male efforts would be better directed toward some "save the foreskin" law, leaving women to address women's issues?
Of course I am just being silly. Probably offensive, even. All I know for sure is that hearing this private and emotional subject debated for political purposes and for decades mostly by a lot without a uterus between them makes me so weary I just want to stretch out on the couch, scratch my balls and take a nap.
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