Fed Up With The System..Unemployment will not be your salvation

9 years ago
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I am a high school graduate, who has been layed off from thier job in a small rural community. I knew it was coming, because temps are always the first ones to go. I had been on assignment with a home decor company for 2 1/2 years. I was offered to be hired on, but temping works so much better flexibility in schedule, no more of those gastly performance reviews to deal with. Once they offered an AFFORDABLE health insurance plan..well that was the icing on my cupcake..LOL So I applied for unemployment, didn't expect to get it, but got a approved for a nice sum, since I had been in the workforce for many years. However, to my dismay I got selected to be interviewed. Got this jerk on the phone, who after explaining I couldn't make the appointment because of the distance involved..WELL I HAVE GOOD NEWS...you can go the office in your hometown..he was real smart ass. Then I explained the time was not going to work, what does he say WELL WHAT DID YOU DO FOR CHILDCARE WHILE YOU WERE WORKING?  what an asshole! What an idiot!. I told him look...sir I am NOT WORKING! so therefore I cant afford to pay childcare, and why would I pay childcare if i'm not working?? Right...then the phone "mysteriously" cuts off. So I call this idiot back. Nothing like someone kicking you when your down, and being condescending doesn't help. I can't wait to see how this interview is going to go. I don't believe for one minute I was "randomly" selected. The government is just trying to weed out people and find ways to deny unemployment benefits. Maybe that's why the drop in unemployment claims are down, because people are tired of being jerked around.