Family Game Night

6 years ago

I grew up playing games of all sorts. Board games, card games, Dominoes and variations of Dominoes, you name it - we probably played it or attempted it. Hubby did not.

Looking back (hindsight is always 20/20) I have wonderful memories of those times with friends and family. Sure there were times when it stank to be home with your parents playing Uno. The simple solution was my parents invited my friends over to play with us. Game night was at least once a month, sometimes more. When we lived overseas the entire compound would gather for food, fellowship and games. I'm telling you missionaries can be ruthless when playing Uno or Nertz!

My grandparents played games too. Both sets played 42 which I could never get the hang of. Mamaw (Dad's mom)taught me to play regular Dominoes but both sides played. I have inherited Mama & Papa's green domino set. I could never get the hang of Rook either. Dutch Blitz was a lot like Nertz (with regular playing cards)which I still enjoy today. Gin rummy and poker were added when I was in college.

We played all the classic board games too - Monopoly (my sister cheats), Life, Sorry, Scrabble, chess,  etc. As times and games changed we played the new games too - Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Risk (my mom kicked butt at that game), Taboo.

I spent nights playing games with friends while in college too. Being in a small town at a Southern Baptist school and the classic "good girl" there weren't a lot of options out there for wholesome entertainment.

One of my goals for 2011 is to institute a Family Game Night once a month. Charlie is almost 6 years old so our choice of games as a family are limited to things like Chutes and Ladders or Candyland right now. I'm thinking about picking the last Saturday or Sunday night of the month starting around 5-6pm. I know that's usually dinner time-ish but dinner that night could be pizza or snackage. Ultimately I would love for extended family to join in the fun and games.

Do you have a family game night? Or movie night? Did you have a family activity when you were growing up?


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