A DVR Addict's Guide To Your Fall TV Picks!

5 years ago

As a working teacher momma, I find myself frazzled with every new fall season. Thank heavens for my DVR.

Like in life, I’ve learned to be realistic and not attempt to do it all. Instead, I pick some favorites that I make sure to not miss each week, while others I’m OK if my husband gives me a quick recap. At the top of my list of returning shows is Parenthood (this gives me heart palpitations as I glimpse into my future), Grey’s Anatomy (even though it’s depressing and I cry all the time, I refuse to let this one go), How I Met Your Mother (I will not stop watching till I actually see who the mother is), The New Girl (who doesn’t love Zooey Deschanel), Up All Night, (a show I can relate to as a working mom) and Modern Family (no matter how hard of a day I’ve had, this show has me rolling on the floor laughing). And now onto the new shows that I’m fastly falling in love with. There’s The Mindy Project, Go On, and Guys with Kids (I love watching this with my husband to see him laughing hysterically at how much he can actually relate.).

As you can tell, my go-to shows generally rely on family and humor and a tad of drama. I do catch snippets of shows involving law and politics and serious drama as I glance over my husband’s shoulder while I’m tapping away on the computer working at home.  Wish I had more time to watch all the things. Sigh.

Luckily, the blogosphere has me covered. So for those of you struggling to get up to speed on the new season, like me -- here's a roundup of what the BlogHer Network bloggers are talking about as the fall television season hits the ground running.

Revolution – © 2012 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Over on Reel Life With Jane K.L. Connie Wong is giving a great shout out to The Mindy Project, doing a great job of explaining the shows premise for you.  Wong is also shouting the praises of The New Girl’s second season. As well, head writer Jane Boursaw, is breaking down her love affair with Breaking Bad, and how literally addictive the show has become for her as the new season begins. Their current frontrunner? Boursaw is saying that Revolution will be NBC’s next smash hit:

A young woman’s life is dramatically changed when a local militia arrives and kills her father, who unbeknownst to her had something to do with the blackout. The brutal encounter sets her and two unlikely companions off on a daring coming-of-age journey to find answers about the past in the hopes of reclaiming the future.

The premise is intriguing, but I predict it’ll be a smash hit because of the behind-the-scenes crew: director Jon Favreau (Iron Man) and producers J.J. Abrams (Fringe) and Eric Kripke (Supernatural). All have hits to their name on the big and small screens, and the cast doesn’t hurt either: Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito, Andrea Roth, Tracy Spiridakos, Tim Guinee, J.D. Pardo, Anna Lise Phillips, Graham Rogers, Maria Howell, Zak Orth, and David Lyons.

The Oncoming Hope, meanwhile, wasn't thrilled with the Season 4 premier of The Good Wife, but is ultimately planning to stick around for the performances --

It seems like The Good Wife's a rehab clinic for actors who've long ago been typecast as hopelessly broad (Alan Cumming, hello), and I'm as shocked/pleased as anyone at Nathan Lane's restrained performance. And I hope Kristen Chenoweth returns to spoil Alicia's comfortable uncertainty about the state of her marriage and to spoil Eli Gold's piece of mind.

Also, be sure to check out why The Oncoming Hope is touting Scandal as a must see show with its bouts of feminism, gritty story lines, and a place where people don’t live in the world of black and white, but more so the shades of gray.

I've been addicted to reading what you guys are adding to your DVRs, over at The Pioneer Woman, Melanie is setting her DVR to record The Mindy Project, in addition to her high hopes for Emily Owens M.D. and Nashville.  Over at the Larson Lingo, Mel is taking a break from a freshly baked baby to chat about her fall lineup of shows to watch, as she goes over day by day what shows she must see, and which ones she's kicking to the curb: 

Shows I "broke up" with from last year....in other words, they are still on my DVR not watched for some reason.

  • Modern Family (we missed the first season, and just never got into it)
  • Parenthood (missed the first 2 seasons, haven't started watching them)
  • Up All Night (missed the first few episodes, but have all the others on my DVR)
  • Glee (never finished season 2, but have Season 3 on my DVR)

This post makes me sound like a TV junkie (maybe I am!), but we mostly just DVR everything and watch it on Friday nights. We are SO exciting. Ha!
And, as the months go on, we cut out shows that we don't like or they just stay unwatched on the DVR in what I call "DVR Suburgatory"

And over at My Pretty Pennies, newlywed Ginna is chatting about how much she and her husband J bond over some relaxing time on the couch. Check out her list broken down by category.  Finally, over at Better Than Bullets, Angelina is giving us her “quick and dirty thoughts” about all the shows she’s watching with brief glimpses into 14 fall line-up shows.

What about you? What returning shows are you making time to watch? What new shows have you hooked already?

Tracy manages and writes for Liberating Working Moms and tweets as @wa_tracy.

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