What's Coming Up On Fall TV? A Break From My Life, That's What.

So I've become one of those boring old people that used to baffle me - back in the days when I didn't own a so-called "DVR," I relied on old Sex and the City DVD's to keep be entertained on a cold winter's night. Now? I realized that I spent half the day staring at the fall television lineup for 2012-13 and getting all kinds of excited.

I don't know whether to be proud or a little ashamed, so I'm going to go with "proud." Seems, I don't know, a bit more appropriate. This fall, I'm going to be watching a handful of old favorites, anxiously awaiting the cliff-hanger endings from last season while I begin the trial and error process of choosing new shows to obsess over watch.

There will be some (but not tons) of Spoilers, so be warned!

When We Left Our Hero/Bad Guy (Spoilers!)...

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Dexter: Sunday, September 30, at 9/8c, Showtime


Dexter Morgan is not only my television husband, he's also one of the most fascinating antiheroes on television. We were left with a crazy cliff-hanger of a season finale: Dexter's adopted sister, Deb, has decided to return to the location in which the Doomsday killer was last seen to tell her adopted brother that she was in love with him. She gets a little more than that – Deb walks in to see Dexter stab the suspect, Travis Marshall, to death. The premiere of Dexter will pick up immediately after those moments, Dexter trying to explain to Deb what had happened and why, leaving us wondering if Deb will truly be able to let go of the idea her brother is a serial killer.


Homeland: Sunday September 30, 10/9c, Showtime:

We left the twists and turns of this shocking season finale about domestic terrorism after Brody's failed assassination of the VP, where we learn that Brody is now receiving orders from an international terrorist Abu Nazir to infiltrate the US government. Carrie, before undergoing ECT to treat her bipolar disorder, discovers the missing link between Brody and the terrorist Nazir. Homeland will pick up six months later, where we learn Brody is planning to raise higher in the ranks of the government, while we anxiously wait to see if Carrie can recall the link between Brody and Nazir.


Law and Order: SVU: Premieres Wednesday September 26, 9/8c on NBC

I've seen just about every episode of SVU and CI and even the notoriously short-lived LA, but I happened to miss this past season of SVU. I'm not sure if I was afraid of not seeing Christopher Meloni's amazing arms or that I couldn't find the remote (most likely, the latter of the two) and I'm ready to start fresh with this season. I'm ready to (spoiler alert!) figure out why Captain Cragen, whom I've always considered my television grandfather, ended up in bed with a dead hooker. Because even television grandfather's aren't supposed to do that kind of thing.


Things I Plan To Watch This Season (But Probably Should Netflix It Beforehand):

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The Mentalist - Premieres Sunday September 30 at 10/9c on CBS


Now I'm a huge proponent of superheros with an uncanny, almost-psychic like ability to problem-solve while having kicky hair. Bonus points for quirky accents! The Mentalist has all of these in spades – I've seen a few episodes of the show here and there, but it's time for me to get nose-to-the-grindstone and start from the beginning. Got one month to catch up and see where our hero last left off.


Things I'm Dying To See - New This Fall...

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Chicago Fire: Premieres Wednesday October 10, 10/9c on NBC


Another Dick Wolf creation, this time set in my very own hometown, Chicago, which means (sadly) that it won't probably do well. People seem to be more interested in shows based in NYC than in Chicago, which is just poor taste, but we cannot have it all. The show promises to feature the personal lives of the heroes of the CFD and I, for one, cannot wait. Here's hoping Chicago Fire lasts longer than most of the other Chicago-based dramas.


Animal Practice: Wednesday September 26 at 8/7c on NBC


I've loved Justin Kirk since his days as wacky Andy on Showtime's Weeds – and I can hardly wait to see him on his own in a House-like veterinarian who works, inexplicably with a monkey. While this does not bode well for a season, it should be an interesting change of pace.


Shows That I'm Going To Need A Minute To Get Over Never Seeing Again:


House, MD. Hugh Laurie's House, MD, taught me more than snarky phrases about people lying. It was more than a game for me – could I out-diagnose the team? - House, MD, made it okay for the antihero in all of us to be a little broken, a little screwed-up, and more than a little snarky. I will miss the show, not just for the medicine, but for the way it reminded me that it was okay to be, well, me.




What are YOU looking forward to watching this season?

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