Ex-Wife of Judge Adams & Anyone Sane Oppose His Reinstatement

5 years ago

Last November, I wrote a post about a girl named Hillary Adams who secretly taped her father beating her. It is one of the few -- in my five years writing professionally for BlogHer -- that I remember vividly. I remember the day I wrote it. I remember how angry I was. And quite frankly, I'm not enthused to be thinking about it again at all. But guess what? Judge Adams, the family court judge who beat his daughter viciously with a belt, wants to be reinstated. His former wife thinks it's a bad idea. I really, really hope the Texas Supreme Court agrees.

According to CNN:

He signed off on a public warning Wednesday issued by the state's Commission on Judicial Conduct, waiving his right to appeal its sanction. The signature clears the way for the Supreme Court to rule on a motion to have his suspension lifted, which the commission supports.

It was not immediately clear when the court would rule on the matter.

After Hillary posted the video of her father beating her to YouTube, the Internet went nuts. The clamor for justice was swift and loud, and Adams was suspended last November and ordered only supervised visits with his other daughter, who was then ten years old.

This guy was a family judge, ruling on cases probably much like his own situation. My opinion remains a) he's in no position to judge anyone based on his bad behavior and b) please, God, don't let the system be so screwed up that anyone would let him return to that job. I don't see any reason why the taxpayers of his county should have to pay his salary while he's on suspension. The man, from what I can tell in my research, didn't really even apologize, saying only "he lost his temper."

I'm not going to watch the video on my old post again, and I'm not going to include it on this one. I would warn anyone who watches it that it's extremely violent and graphic, and if you don't want to hear a young girl cry out to her father to stop beating her with a leather belt, you shouldn't watch it. But at the same time, I can't forget it; I'll never forget it. And I hope the Texas Supreme Court doesn't, either.

Rita Arens authors Surrender, Dorothy and is the editor of the award-winning parenting anthology Sleep is for the Weak. She is the senior editor for BlogHer.com.