A Two-for-One Holiday Coupon Offered with Gratitude to BlogHer!

4 years ago

This year, my life has been about words -- spoken, written, sometimes shouted -- sharing a heartfelt message about women's road to leadership and empowerment with students, talk show hosts, and, well, anyone who would listen. Writing Dirty Words on Clean Skin has brought me to unexpected venues, offered great opportunity and taught me more than any master class ever could. This has been a fierce year that has at times felt, to steal Robin Williams' words, "...like riding a psychotic horse toward a burning stable!"

But no words can or should be spoken louder than my expression of gratitude to each of you for helping me put Dirty Words on Clean Skin on the map, for cheering me to leap past my fears to have a voice and leading me to believe that no matter what is in my path, I can handle it.


Even puppies like DWOCS

Even puppies love Dirty Words on Clean Skin

As a thank you, through December, if you know someone who would benefit from Dirty Words on Clean Skin, or if you want to share this message with others, simply write to me at Anita AT anitafinlay DOT com with your request and address. I will contact you for credit card info and send you two signed copies for the price of one...$15 plus shipping. I have had a wonderful response so far and if you order by the 20th, I can get the book to you in time for Christmas!

If you have not yet read the book, this is one of my favorite of the 30 5-star reviews from Amazon, simply because this gentleman is not necessarily my target audience:

The Political is Personal by Allen Lewis Rickman

"An unusual book: a coming-of-age story framing excellent reportage about the vicious misogyny directed at Hillary (and Sarah Palin) in 2008.

Finlay's done her homework extremely well -- there is not one unsupported assertion, not one weak allegation, nothing that feels overstated or biased. One leaves the book sadder-but-wiser, so to speak... sadder to see that something we thought was on its last legs, old-fashioned sexism, is still quite healthy and ready to be called into service when the occasion demands; and wiser because it won't surprise us now.

Perhaps even more interesting is Finlay's personal story, which is woven through the book. She tells of her parents' relationship when she was a child (some very moving stuff there), which led to her (very reasonable) feminism; of her becoming active in Hillary's campaign; of the scales falling from her eyes as she saw how so many people never ask questions, never investigate their opinions, just follow and conform, blindly, bigotedly; and of her evolution into an engaged citizen and nobody's fool.

I am not a Hillary supporter, but this book made me very angry on her behalf. I am not a feminist, but this book made me disgusted with the sexism of the chattering classes.

It's a very well-written book, and I learned from it. You will too."

8 weeks at #1 on Women in Politics Books!

Number 1 DWOCS

If we ever want to see Hillary Clinton, or any qualified woman elected president, we must first deconstruct the biased media narrative that serves to stop us breaking that highest, hardest glass ceiling....

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Happy, happy holidays to you and thanks so much for opening your home to me and my work!

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