EMILY's List: Perhaps Liberals Should Stop the Violent Rhetoric?

7 years ago

On occasion I read the blog of the formerly important pro-abortion group, EMILY's List. In the midst of an increasingly pro-life electorate and sluggish fundraising, they decided to use the Senatorial race in Washington to take potshots at Republicans.

Yesterday, Lisa McIntire, New Media Manager, wrote:

You know that old saying, you’re only as good as the company you keep? Well, yet again, Dino Rossi, who’s trying to unseat Sen. Patty Murray, is associating with some pretty appalling characters. At a business round-table in Spokane, a woman upset with a pro-union bill exclaimed about Patty, “She ought to be shot. Murray and (Sen. Maria) Cantwell ought to be shot.” This violent, outrageous remark is not the first to be directed toward Patty.

Now, you’d hope any reasonable person, regardless of party, would immediately condemn such a vitriolic, dangerous comment. Well, unfortunately, that’s not exactly what happened after this latest outburst: Rossi first pointed out that a reporter was in the room – safety, er, public relations first! – then, like a parent would do with a child, prodded the irate woman, "That's not really what you meant." Sorry, Dino: that’s not really enough.

Unfortunately, opposition to our candidates has been tainted with violent imagery before. We won’t soon forget Sarah Palin’s PAC posting a map of the US with gun sights targeted at House Democrats – four of whom are EMILY’s List candidates. As our President Stephanie Schriock said at the time, such behavior “is not the American way. We do not put targets on the backs of fellow Americans even when we disagree.”

So, enough of the violent statements and inflammatory rhetoric. American voters deserve better.

While I agree that we need to eliminate the violent rhetoric in politics, perhaps they should start with calling out their own side. EMILY's List fails to mention that the month before the SarahPAC graphic was posted, the DCCC also released a map with targets aimed at Republicans.

War analogies have always littered political rhetoric. That's what happens when so many of our elected officials served in the military. Sure, there are better ways to describe political races, but good luck eliminating the sports or war metaphors. They are a part of American politics.

Essentially, EMILY's List is trying to invoke an old talking point, Republicans are violent, war-mongering people. The PAC, which desperately needs a victory, endorsed Patty Murray in Washington, and she's fighting a tough election. Thus, EMILY's List is taking a page from Democrats 101: Can't win on substance? Attack the opponent's character!

Unfortunately, this is shaky ground for EMILY's List. While threats of violence are uttered on both sides of the aisle, Democrats are hardly innocent. In fact, they have a long history of inciting violence against Republicans.

Just this week, two New Hampshire Democrats expressed that they wished Sarah Palin had died with Senator Ted Stevens in Monday's plane crash. Actress and comedienne, Aisha Taylor described how she wanted to attack Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh, and Harry Reid displayed his bigoted stripes by attacking any Hispanic who dares to vote Republican.

Sadly, the examples don't end there. In recent months, Congressman Bob Etheridge assaulted a student on camera, a staffer working for Governor Bobby Jindal was attacked in New Orleans, and last year SEIU members beat up Tea Party attendees.

These are only a few examples. There are eight years of attacks and threats the Left made towards President Bush.

While the widespread use of violence on the left is under-reported, EMILY's List could use their resources for good. They could stop their own ranks from attacking conservative women. The violence directed towards conservative women, often by liberal women, is unparalleled on the right. There are so many attacks made towards women on the right that a top ten list was put together.

EMILY's List -- next time you want to attack a candidate for not condemning violence, why don't you start with your own members?

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