Eliminate fatigue after running

4 years ago

(A) Consolidation Movement

Suddenly stopped after strenuous exercise, will affect the venous return to lower blood pressure, large amounts of blood are concentrated in the legs caused the adverse reactions of the brain. Therefore, the exercise should be done finishing movement, finishing the movement known as active rest, including jogging, a variety of joint activities in the operation as well as the muscles and stretching exercises. After strenuous exercise, jogging, enables the cardiovascular system, respiratory system remains at a relatively high level, beneficial metabolites - the exclusion of lactic acid in the muscles. After running do joint exercise and stretching exercises can relax tense muscles and muscle to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle soreness and stiffness of the elimination of local fatigue, and also have a good role in the prevention of sports injuries.


(B) a warm bath

Running after warm bath is a simple and easy way on the Elimination of fatigue, a warm bath can stimulate vasodilation, promote metabolism and blood circulation, help the body transport nutrients and metabolites exclusion. Warm bath water temperature to 40 ℃ ± 3 ℃ is appropriate, the temperature should not be too high, 10 to 15 minutes, not to exceed 20 minutes, so as not to aggravate fatigue. In addition, we should note that, after exercise should not instantly warm bath, but should rest for 40 minutes or more, and other body calm down after a water bath.


(3) Massage

Massage is a common means of eliminating fatigue, massage can not only promote cerebral cortex excitability and inhibition of the conversion, the neuromodulation energy supply back to normal, back to promote blood circulation, strengthen the local blood supply, eliminate fatigue. Massage in the usual sense refers to the manual massage, manual massage into body massage and local massage, body massage should be 2.5 to 3 hours after training; local massage in the process of training or after training, can peer between each other can be regarded as part of the finishing activities, time 10 to 15 minutes, mainly used to eliminate muscle stiffness and the local fatigue. In addition to manual massage, a special vibration massage, air pressure massage, water massage.


(D) sleep

Good and adequate sleep is to eliminate fatigue and resume physical one of the most direct and most effective, most economical way. The human body during sleep, the cerebral cortex, the vast majority of an inhibitory state, reduce excitatory process the body catabolism in the lowest level, while the the anabolic relatively active, which is conducive to the full restoration of the energy accumulation in vivo and organ systems. Generally, adult day should be guaranteed 8 hours of sleep, young people sleep longer, sleep time should be extended, especially in the large amount of exercise running exercises. Sleep should pay attention to create a quiet, ventilated environment, this will help to improve the quality of sleep.


(E) a reasonable diet

Reasonable nutrition is an important means to eliminate fatigue or prevent fatigue. After the race, the dietary aspects should pay special attention to the energy and vitamin supplement, especially sugar, vitamin C and B vitamins, to be elected to eat nutritious and easy to digest food, eat more fresh vegetables, fruit, eat less fried and processed foods. In summer or sweating for a long time, should replenish minerals and water. In addition, the long-distance run should be appropriate to eat some alkaline foods, such as kelp, seaweed, and a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, soy products, dairy and rich in fat-soluble vitamins and iron animal liver, these foods after digested , could rapidly decreased blood acidity, and in balance reaches the weakly alkaline, is conducive to eliminate fatigue.


(Vi) mental relaxation

Psychology means is one of the important ways to speed up the elimination of fatigue after the race, usually means psychological relaxation training, breathing adjustment, hypnotic suggestion, psychological adjustment, Qigong, mainly through induction of language and self-suggestion to relax the muscles functioning of the nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems rapid improvement and recovery, so that the fatigue of the body as soon as possible to eliminate.

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