Election 2010: Senate Races We're Watching

7 years ago
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From our BlogHer 2010 Election Watch List, you'll see we've been watching several tight races for U.S. Senate involving women candidates, including California, where we have two impressive women candidates running opposite each other. This post will include updates on some of the hottest Senate races that we're watching as results come in on Election Day.

LAUDERHILL, FL - OCTOBER 22: A vote here sign is seen among campaign signs outside a early voting station as Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine visits to encourage voters to participate in the election October 22, 2010 in Lauderhill, Florida. Kaine was visiting Florida to show his support for Senatorial candidate Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-FL) and other party candidates on the election ballot. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Here are the Senate races we're watching:

Alaska: Lisa Murkowski (Write-in-Incumbent) vs. Joe Miller (R) vs. Scott McAdams (D)

  • No one has been elected to the Senate with a write-in vote since the 1950's, but Lisa Murkowski could pull it off to retain her seat.

California: Carly Fiorina (R) vs. Barbara Boxer (D-Incumbent) - Boxer wins.

  • Two powerhouse women. One seat. Will the multi-term incumbent keep her spot or will the formidable businesswoman take her place?

Connecticut: Linda McMahon (R) vs. Richard Blumenthal (D)

  • Wrestlemania: Can McMahon clobber Blumenthal? More likely, the blue state's safe. We'll keep you posted here.
  • [Updated 8:34pm Eastern] CNN just called this race for Blumenthal. McMahon just couldn't overcome her positioning as an outsider. Little experience, many questions.

Delaware: Christine O'Donnell (R) vs. Chris Coons (D)

  • O'Donnell's been killed in the polls after so many gaffes it's tough to keep track, but she sure made a name for herself.
  • [updated 9:45pm Eastern] Her concession speech after losing big to Coons, was cryptic just as every other speech in her campaign.
  • O'Donnell seems to not want to go away, even though the voters keep asking her to do so.

Missouri: Roy Blunt (R) vs. Robin Carnahan (D)

  • Two big political families vying for one seat.
  • [updated 9:55 Eastern] Missouri called for Blunt. Carnahan just wasn't able to get the support to pull ahead of him.

Nevada: Sharron Angle (R) vs. Harry Reid D)

  • The Senate Majority Leader could lose his prize possession to a little known Tea Party candidate.
  • [updated 9:45pm Pacific] Amazingly, Reid pulls it out and wins over Angle! He will remain Senate Majority Leader, since the Democrats will hold onto the Senate.

North Carolina: Richard Burr (R) vs. Elaine Marshall (D)

  • Another tight race where the incumbent is a man and the challenger a sharp woman. He'll likely keep his seat, but she's had a good showing.
  • [Updated as of 9:10pm Eastern] Marshall loses to Burr. She just never had the momentum in this race.

Stay tuned for more as the votes start coming in!


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