Do I Want to Buy an iPad?

7 years ago

I don't need an Apple iPad. I'm not an Apple fan girl who lusts after everything Apple. I'm thrifty. I prefer to read books in paper (with occasional dips into audio and iPhone app reading.) Did I mention I'm thrifty -- really thrifty -- as in CHEAP? But darn it, I want one.

I've read a zillion articles about the iPad and I'm not a leap of faith kind of consumer. So I hesitate. Also, while I get excited about the big picture and the potential, reading commentary like this makes me cringe:

Maybe the most exciting thing about iPad is the apps that aren't here yet.

Really? The most exciting thing about iPad is the apps that haven't been invented yet? Really? That's a lot of money to spend on possibilities. And yeah, it is a bit of a letdown that the Holodeck option isn't truly immersive 3-D with full-on hot tub time-travel functionality.

Yet here I am, dying for an iPad of my own. It's irrational and unreasonable, but I want one. I do. I do. I do. And if I want one, why shouldn't I buy one? I mean, really? I work hard. I like gadgets. Everyone in my house will enjoy it. I don't splurge a lot on myself (OK, fine, there was that $100 trip to Bleeding Heart Bakery and that $1K trip to Florida to see the kids and traipse around after Melissa like a groupie.) But really, I just don't buy much for myself that I don't need. So why not?

The Chicago Sun-Times says the iPad is Pure Innovation -- One of the Best Computers Ever. And I'm getting sucked into the leaked apps list -- I might never come up for air. Forget the apps that haven't been developed, look at the ones that HAVE been! TechBlog pronounces the iPad "better than expected." And the unboxing ... oh, the unboxing.

I deserve it, don't I?

But wait, here are the 9 Worst Things about the iPad. Uh oh. Maybe I shouldn't buy it after all. But wait, the iPad is almost a bargain.

Shoot. I can't decide. So you decide for me. Should I buy one -- or should I hang onto my money.

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