@DNC: Is Carly Fiorina cherry-picking new Republicans? Plus Texas delegate Liz Figueroa on why she votes

9 years ago

"John McCain is just waiting in the shadows for his turn," blogs American Princess, a member of BlogHer's team of conservatives covering Election 2008. "That's part of the reason that senior McCain adviser Carly Fiorina is holding court in Denver (the other part is that she, like so many of us, just like to sit back and watch the insanity from the bleacher seats)."

While the American Princess was watching Carly, Progressive Maria Niles was at the Democratic National Convention interviewing Texas Delegate Liz Figueroa. Niles posted the video by Katy Chen and blogs, "Please watch and listen as well for one of the most inspiring stories I've ever heard about how she learned the importance of voting."

Here are the links:

"So is Hillary Angst breeding a whole new generation of Republicans?" asks American Princess in Carly Fiorina at the DNC

"Her belief is that in order for any solutions to happen, change must happen at the top," blogs Maria Niles in Meet DNC Delegate Liz Figueroa [VIDEO]

So, what do you think? (By the way, I'm closing the comments here so that you can comment directly to the posts authors above. Wonder why BlogHer's coverage of the Election '08 political conventions is so partisan? I can help answer that here.)