Dinner and a Movie: The Devil Inside

5 years ago


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Total lost in attack=6lbs!

Date Night

HA, I am getting my Friday post in a wee bit late but hey, it counts!

Tonight hubster and I had a lovely date night.  We had dinner at this great little Middle Eastern restaurant called House of Kabob.  They have the best food and their rice (which I did not eat this time, yay me) is to die for and the owners tell me very healthy.  It's a small place with just a few tables but hubster and I really enjoy it.  It's our new go to place.  Fits the wallet too.  AND, I was able to stay on track with Dukan by eating a Chicken Caeser Salad with healthy, NF yogurt dressing on the side.  It was yummy and filled me up.

Then it was off to the movies.  We saw The Devil Inside.  This is about a woman whose mother murdered three people while she was having an exorcism done ON HERSELF.  She is now in a mental hospital in Rome, Italy and her daughter, now 25 goes to see her for the first time to try to get answers on why and try to help her.  She meets two priests who happen to do exorcisms on the side, without the approval of the church.  They agree to help Isabella by evaluating her mother.  The fun horror begins!

My honest opinion?  I really enjoyed it.  I love these dark, evil movies and this one was made like a documentary which for me was even more interesting and held my attention.  (usually I fall asleep at a movie.)  Supposedly this is based on  a true story, who knows.  It was very, interesting.  The shaky cameras were a bit much for me.  For some reason that makes me sick to my stomach but it was not as bad as Paranormal Activity was.  All of the actors were awesome.  I liked Fr. David the best and it was hard to watch him decline as the movie went on.  I found it quite believable.  BUT, the ending sucked big time!  I mean really sucked.

I guess I should say that this is the first movie I have seen in a theater in I don't know how long so that could have played into my enjoyment as well.  BEING OUT OF THE HOUSE!  LOL

Have you seen or plan to see this movie?



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