The Demon That Still Haunts Us: Just Whose Proposal Will Win This Election?

4 years ago
It definitely isn't over. A stronger Obama appeared in Tuesday night's debate on foreign and domestic policy. It was a town-hall affair this time. Americans were on the other end of the debate questions. Romney stumbled on some topics and Obama brought his drill to the table, as he nailed his opponent on discrepancies. As of yet, polls have not shown a big jump for Obama. Of course, his supporters including Liberals and Democrats are glad he showed up, but it appears Independents are not letting him off that easy. What's the problem you say? The economy is the demon that will not go away. Mitt Romney brought up the high gas prices. Even though Obama laid out a detailed explanation of an energy efficient future, it's a hard sale, considering the endurance of the economic turmoil, over the last few years. Forty-six million Americans are impoverished according to the 2011 US Census Bureau.(1) It's still a startling number, despite claims that the economy is actually turning around.
Americans really want to know when the nightmare will end. Mitt Romney claims that under his administration, jobs will be restored. Yet last night, he iterated that Government does not create jobs. That' a new one. Tell that to the millions of government workers. He wants to steer America into a privatizing dream. But Americans know that corporations don't care about people, only profits. They will hire, then fire, if it will increase their profit margin. Denouncing a public sector is an unbalanced approach, towards that bright future, that many Americans foresee for the country.
Obama foresees a fuel efficient economy, that will drive the manufacturing sector for green energy jobs. He also wants America to be less dependent on oil importation. He claims that countries like Russia and China are investing in that sort of future. So therefore, he wants America to lead those markets. Making fuel efficient cars enables America to sell to oversees buyers.
Obama insists that it is going to take a whole lot more work. Americans just can't talk their way out of a recession. Four years was not enough. The plans that he is proposing, will take another term. So far, he's done what he set out to do... somewhat ending the war on terror, by cutting off its head, Bin Laden. He has passed legislation for immigrant families, saved the auto industry, ended the war in Iraq, passed legislation for equal pay for women, took on Wall Street reform, passed health care reform, took on the credit card industry, ended the Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy, to name a few. He's noted in recent footage  that America lost 4.4 million jobs as a result of the recession. His stimulus saved 4.2 million.  His administration hasn't been exactly twiddling their thumbs.
Mitt Romney keeps proposing these incentives for wealthy families. The more he talks, the more it appears that he can't restore the middle class. He talks about the growing size of government.(2) It's an interesting phrase. Putting a stop to growing government isn't about putting a stop to legislatures, and their unnecessary spending. It means desisting programs for the poor, for students and reversing  Obamacare. Plus he wants to reform Medicaid and Social Security. Yet Social Security is not a threat. It's in a surplus. Assaulting these programs is not an attractive measure for low income and middle class America. It doesn't get people back to work. It just pisses them off. He admits that America has to make tough choices. But, let's face it. He has not proposed a plan for job creation. It's one of those "trust" things. Either he has to go back to the drawing board, or this will be the thing, that will cost him the election. 
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