Dear Robert Pattinson: Guess What? I *Am* A Little Nerd, And Proud

7 years ago
41966, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Thursday June 24, 2010. Robert Pattison at the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Los Angeles premiere. Photograph:  Tuukka Jantti,

Robert Pattinson, speaking to Hollywood Insider: "there are so many little nerds behind their computers, on their little blogs."

Dear Robert Pattinson,

You probably don't know me, but I'm a little nerd with a blog. I've written about you. Well, I've written about your movie, you know, the one about the vampires? Or maybe I just wrote about the books that your movie was based on, those books that were so popular and that made the movies possible. The movies that have made your career what it is. I can never keep them straight, all the little things that I write about, on my little blog, which is, from the sounds of it, a medium that you disdain.

Here's the thing, though: that medium is part of what made you. And not the just the blogs that cover popular culture or the blogs that cover entertainment news or the gossip blogs or any of the blogs of any of the so-called Twilight moms, of which there are many, the blogs that call you RPattz or sometimes just Edward, although those matter, because they're what keep discussion about your movies active and current and vibrant and there in the culture. That medium in itself is part of what made you, because that medium - the Internet, the blogs, the forums, the chat rooms, the social media networks - is the thing that made it possible for communities to form around stuff that might not otherwise get talked about so much. Those communities made a phenomenon of the books that your movies are based on and a phenomenon of the movies themselves, and sure, maybe those books and those movies might have enjoyed the same success without the Internet - Harry Potter took off without it, right? (weren't you in one of those?) - but probably not. At least, not the same success. We wouldn't all be talking about the Twilight series, and about you, so much if there weren't an Internet, and all those little blogs.

But that's not really the most important point to make about those 'little blogs.' End of the day, who cares if Twilight had never become the phenomenon it did and if you'd never moved on from small roles in big films or big roles in forgettable films? The world would not - forgive me Twilight moms - be poorer for your absence as a movie star. But you know what? It would be poorer without all those little blogs. Because those little blogs contain some of the best writing from the best writers writing today (all those little nerds are literate and poetic, and they are storytellers of a quality that matches or exceeds that of the creator of your Edward.) And they contain some of the best art and the best photography. And they are the basis of some of the most important advocacy and the most effective activism. They are the centers of diverse communities of support. Sometimes, they save lives. Always, they make lives richer. Those little blogs, written by all those little nerds, they matter. Maybe not all of them, all of the time, but enough of them, enough of the time, to make them the most important development in art and writing and politics and community in our time.

Which, you know, I don't know can be said about Twilight, the sparkling notwithstanding.

A little nerd.

Catherine Connors blogs at Her Bad Mother, Their Bad Mother, The Bad Moms Club and everywhere in between. She's totally not famous.



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