Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 8 "Celebrate America"

It's Americana Week!!!! And no, I have no idea why.

Now yesterday, it was tax day...which is often accompanied by anti-American government protests, but I'm guessing that's not why it was Americana Week.

I'm still waiting for the explanation, and if they explained it, and I somehow missed it, and you heard it, I would be so grateful if you could please leave it in the comments!

Let's dig in, shall we?

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1. Ralph and Karina danced a Samba

RINGER!!! Who else could do a double pirouette at the end of a long routine? So, other than reviving, just slightly, my nightmares about the newest serial killer on the block, Spatula Hands (he'll scrape your aiiiiiyeeeees out!) this was perfectly fine. But it was all two-step, no Samba. He did all the steps adequately, and managed some really tough moves, but there wasn't a lot of earthy rhythm to it, I'll just say. Or as someone else would say: I can only echo Bruno and say "Give me sex, man!" Only I'd sound a lot less pervy saying it.

Bottom line: Still think he'll be safe, though.

2. Chris and Cheryl danced a Viennese Waltz

Last night we learned that Chris has a hidden impersonation talent! He imitated Len very well indeed, a natural performer. While Chris did a nice job, I did see a bit of a return of the stiffness from week one, but generally he was surprisingly graceful and has such great posture. I still like him and find him to be a favorite. But I'm afraid this was a bit stodgy for the voting public.

Bottom line: I'm a little concerned on his behalf.

3. Petra and Dmitry danced a Quick Step

That was OK, but she did seem a bit behind the beat on all the fastest sequences. After two strong weeks, this was a bad week to be weak. She has defied the supermodel odds thus far, but I fear her luck may be running out.

Bottom line: Think she's back at risk.

4. Romeo and Chelsie danced a Foxtrot

OK, we know Romeo did a good job with that because that was the first time I ever watched him while he was dancing with Chelsie, my current girl-crush. He totally got into the character of the dance, and the whole thing was pretty adorable. I loved it. First time, definitely, that I even liked him.

Bottom line: Safe, safe, safe.

5. Hines and Kym danced a Rumba

Once again, Hines doesn't pull me in at all -- or as far as he does the judges. I like it when he has a little uptempo booty-shaking to do, but I find him a bit stiff and awkward on the graceful stuff. I did not find it sexy and erotic at all. Although I may have been distracted by all the damn fringe.

Bottom line: Clearly I'm missing something. Help me understand.

6. Kirstie and Maks danced a Foxtrot

Hmmm. Can't say I loved that. For how rockin' the music was, the dance seemed a bit slow and plodding in comparison. Once again, don't feel like I was on the same page with the judges (or at least Carrie Ann and Bruno). I actually still think Kirstie's first week was her best. Instead of trying so hard to play on sexuality, they should let her return to grace and elegance.

Bottom line: Can't say I loved that, so I can't say I think she's totally safe there.

7. Kendra and Louis danced a Foxtrot

Too much marching, not enough Foxtrot. And while I think her face looked less frozen in fear than usual, she still does look a bit terrified. This was just a very badly choreographed piece. I have a theory that Louis is stressed out working with Kendra and choreographed something that would get him off the hook. And if youcheck out BlogHer's Facebook DWtS friends, they are WAY over Kendra!

Bottom line: She got saved last week after getting slammed...so if the usual holds true...she'll get eliminated this week.

8. Chelsea and Mark danced a Samba

He had a lot better hip action than she did, I will say that. Chelsea is a really good executor of dance steps, but she does need to loosen up. And one of our FB fans has a question: "Why do Chelsea/Mark get to do a bunch of butt shaking with a few dance steps thrown in while everyone else has to do an actual ballroom dance?" Good question, Cristina, why indeed!?

Bottom line: She's really clean, accurate and skillful, so I'm guessing she's safe.

Bottom line for the Bottom Two:

(And I say this as someone who was rooting for Kendra!)

Should be: Kendra and Kirstie with Kendra going home.

Will be: Kendra and Petra with Kendra going home.

So, what did you think?

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