Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 7 Team Up. Much drama ensues.

So, did you all notice that I actually got my wish last week? Even though I thought there was no chance that the two I thought should go home would go home, Melissa and Louie did indeed get the boot!


Can lightning strike twice?


Well, I'll let you be the judge once I recap the episode. 


Last night each couple danced an individual dance, and then they teamed up. One team did the Tango and one the Paso Doble. I think it was a tiny bit odd to do the team week when there would be an uneven number of teams...don't you?


In any case, let's get started:


1. Michael and Anna danced the Foxtrot.

OK, I'll be totally honest: I came into this rooting against Michael Irvin. I'm a Niners fan. Michael Irvin was a Dallas Cowboy...and a Jerry Rice rival (although he never even came close, of course!) I have no fondness for the guy at all. And in the first few weeks, he didn't do anything to change my made-up mind. however, I am shocked to say that Irvin is winning me over! He is putting in the effort, and he is showing the most improvement and development of any of the celebrities. Some of them started out good and are still really good. Some of them started out bad and never got better. Most of them started out OK and are staying OK. He started out dreadful, and is becoming charming and enjoyable to watch. It pains me to say it. This Foxtrot was nice. He had good rise and fall, he looked good while in hold, with excellent posture. And the more time he spent in hold, the less opportunity to have awkward or inelegant hands/arms. He was fluid and light on his feet. All in all, this was shockingly good. Bottom line: Does he measure up to some of the others? Still no. If he ends up in a dance-off will they send him home? Probably. But he should be proud.


2. Donny and Kym danced the QuickStep.

Yeah, that Osmond slouch is real, and it was on full display during this routine. I also saw quite a few footwork flubs. Does this mean his blinding Osmondness wasn't also on display? Nope, it was also on full display. It was charming. It was also a very authentic Quick Step. Bottom line: Oh, probably still safe...he's going to be there until the bitter end!


3. Mark and anna T. danced the Samba.

What!? Mark and Anna T.? Yes, Lacey was down for the count with the swine flu (I'm guessing) and Anna T. came in and saved the day. Only she didn't actually quite save it, because this was indeed an out of control mess! He has certainly loosened up since week one, and he also possesses excellent strength and flexibility. BUt there's such a thing as too much looseness. This has tons of issues, and was just overall awkward. From moment too moment it actually made you a little nervous, as opposed to being fun and carefree. Bottom line: I think he may see the red light tonight.


4. Mya and Dmitry danced the Foxtrot.

And it was obvious that, once again, Dmitry threw in way too much business for Len's taste. And for mine. I don't think he is yet a great choreographer. Mya is a great dancer, why isn't he taking better advantage of it, I wonder? There wasn't enough dancing, but what dancing there was seemed effortless and scintillating. This was a lovely, fast Foxtrot, and Mya's musicality is obvious. Bottom line: Ringer!!


5. Aaron and Karina danced the Jive.

I saw some mistakes, it's true, but in general this was fast and furious and impressive. Aaron's command of the kicks and flicks was notable, and as Len said, it was indeed "wild, but clean." Which is very Jive-appropriate. Bottom line: He should be safe, but I think his fan base is weak! 


6. Kelly and Louis danced the Salsa.

Is anyone else kind of creeped out by Kelly. And Louis. And her meltdowns. And their odd chemistry? I am. I am. Throughout this, my viewing companion and I thought it was lackluster and low on charm. I actually wrote down "I think she wants to go home." And then the judges loved it. Color me flabbergasted. Yes, it was fairly good quality, but it was nothing special. And she seemed stressed out...not festive. Bottom line: I think it may be time for Kelly to hit the Bottom.


7. Joanna and Derek danced the Rumba.

She had one very obvious mis-step, and the whole thing was a little too sharp for me. I would have preferred more sinuousness, less sharpness myself. But otherwise this was very very good, and she looked quite beautiful. Her make-up and hair was toned down, she read like Lauren Bacall, not her usual Pamela Anderson. Bottom line: She should be safe.


After the individual dances they were broken into teams as follows:


Team Paso Doble:

Mark and Anna T.

Aaron and Karina

Mya and Dmitry

Michael and Anna


Team Tango:

Joanna and Derek

Kelly and Louis

Donny and Kym


Team Paso did pretty well, but Team Tango easily outshined them. And this gave them more points which will somehow help them tonight, btu I don't really understand exactly how.


Bottom line: I think the two to be eliminated should be:


Kelly and Louis

Mark and Anna/Lacey [And know that it's inevitable that Michael and Anna will go, so that wouldn't bother me either.]


However, I think another surprise elimination may be on its way.


I actually think Kelly and Louis will go. But it may be either Aaron/Karina or Joanna/Derek that join them!


But what do you think?

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