Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 7 shake,rattle and roll (but don't faint)

10 years ago

Best crop of stars ever, but only a couple are stepping it up. most of them peaked too early!

When this season started the S.O. and I agreed this was a pretty naturally talented crop of stars...best season ever. (Although this is only the third season we've actually watched.) But watching last night I began to feel that most of the celebrities were settling into a good, but not great, routine. Are my expectations too high, or do you know what I mean?

Here's how it went down last night:

1. Sabrina & Mark danced the Foxtrot

I saw some rare footwork errors on Sabrina's part, but Len is right about where her flaw really lies: Once again everything was sharp, intense, high-energy...and on one level throughout. She's really good, but something about her style doesn't inspire support or get me rooting for her like for some of the other dancers. She shows no vulnerability, and although she might be exhibiting more of a mature elegance than she was in the beginning, I don't feel like she exhibits grace. Bottom line: I think she's safe, but she needs to d one number that's a little less "impressive" and a little more "beautiful."

2. Jennie & Derek danced the Mambo

Again, I saw some small errors in both the footwork and at one point in their hand grips. But Jennie has sooo much potential. She brings emotional levels to the performance of her numbers that Sabrina, for example, doesn't. She needs, though, to give it just that little bit more confidence and commitment to make me feel a bit less nervous when I watch her. Jennie has been the surprise of the season for me (insofar as she has beat my expectations the most) but she needs to do a little more to really be a contender. Bottom line: I wouldn't put her in the Bottom 2 at this point, but the audience might.

3. Jane & Tony danced the Jive

I think I have to say that Jane is better at the slow and elegant ballroom dances than she is at anything snappy and fast. She looks amazing for a nearly 60-year-old woman...both just in appearance, but also in energy level...but that energy level wasn't quite where it needed to be. And she actually looked a bit uncomfortable throughout. Jane peaked in the early weeks and hasn't gone much further than that. She wasn't on her game. Bottom line: Considering she was in the Bottom 2 last week, I have to guess she'll be there again.

4. Cameron & Edyta danced the Samba

I have to admit that I'm finally seeing that Cameron has really improved. His hips are much looser. His arms are much more fluid and are actually hitting attractive lines. This routine, however, didn't really do it for me because it seemed like it took a really long time for them to actually get dancing. I wasn't bothered by the primal, jungle theme...I just thought they could have done more with it. Bottom line: With all but two of the guys gone, I have to think that these last two guys will be around a bit longer than some of the women. Meaning Cameron's probably safe.

5. Mel & Maksim danced the Rumba

This was really good and stylish, but didn't i look kinda simple and easy? We kept waiting for something special to happen...and it never did. Still, she looked great, and they captured the mood very nicely. Bottom line: I have to think she's safe, but America is fickle, so who knows?

6. Marie & Jonathan danced the Paso Doble

Hm. Marie is another one who peaked right at the beginning by having some experience to both move and to emote. But it's not really going anywhere. This Paso was slow. Her intensity stayed high, but there weren't a lot of exciting moves there. I tend to think of Marie has being one step behind a lot of the others in this competition. Bottom line: Don't know if her fans will save her again, but this was Bottom 2 material in my opinion.

7. Helio & Julianne danced the Cha Cha

Oh. My. God. How did Helio get one of my mom's pant suits from the 70s? Seriously, what were those costumers thinking??!! Anyway, even after I got past that horrendous outfit, I didn't see what all the judges' fuss was about. This whole thing left me thinking "meh." I think Helio is another one who peaked early by exceeding initial expectations, but who hasn't done much to exceed that early peak. Bottom line: What do I know? He's probably safe!

Bottom line: If it were me the Bottom 2 would be Marie & Jane, and Marie would go home. I think it might be Jane on the way out, though.

But what did you think?

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