Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 6 Scare Me

And not just because it's Halloween

It's the Halloween episode, so cheesy decor and effects galore were on display. But scarier was to think about the fact that there are only 6 contestants left, and no one has show that underdog come from behind growth that America (and I) like to see. If they were good week one, they're still good. If they were not so great, they're still not so great. The judges are talking the talk like there's big improvement, but the contestants aren't walking the walk.

Let's dig right in, and I'll share how I feel.

1. David and Kym danced a Cha Cha

Well, I wish I could say I thought he was getting better and better, but he's retaining that awkwardness (albeit adorable awkwardness). I know the judges thought his improvement has been "phenomenal," but I'm not really seeing that. I'm still rooting for David, but maybe a little less now that I hear he has a girlfriend and a reunion with Courtney doesn't seem to be forthcoming :(

2. JR and Karina danced a Tango

JR has always been consistently great, so when I say, "That was not their best", it feels like the sky is falling. They seemed to be fighting the music (and fighting Karina's costume). He has so much good will stored up, it won't hurt them, but I guess it's good to see they're human.

3. Nancy and Tristan danced a Jive

Image: ABC

She seemed completely lost in the beginning, simply not doing any steps at all. And throughout the piece she was a step behind Tristan (and definitely still not lifting up her feet). I really really REALLY think it's time for her to go. She is not a tiger on the dance floor. She looks like she can't be bothered.

4. Rob and Cheryl danced a Tango

This was, once again, solid, without being wonderful. Rob should stay ahead of a Nancy or a Hope, but I'm not seeing him as finals material unless he steps up his charisma, more than anything.

5. Ricki and Derek danced a Paso Doble

That was really good. Strong and oh so fast. Of course, knowing her rib is injured, I was cringing the whole time, but luckily the Paso is a dance where a stern, pained face fits right in. She danced right through it and did her usual stellar job.

6. Hope and Maks danced a Samba

I have one question: Why was Maks looking so serious? She looked like she was having more fun than he was, and the Samba is supposed to be the most party-on dance of them all. He brought them down ... which wasn't hard to do, considering she still just looks like her body would feel more comfortable doing just about anything other than dancing..

This week they had a Team Challenge. These bore me, how about you?

Team Tango was JR/Karina, David/Kym and Nancy/Tristan.

Every team seemed to do better in this group dance than in their solo dances. I didn't quite see why the judges said that their solo moments were so abysmal.

Team Paso Doble was Ricki/Derek, Rob/Cheryl, and Hope/Maks

This team did a noticeably better job. Very intense, and each bit of choreography brought out the best in the team.

Bottom line for the Bottom Two:

Should be: Nancy and Hope, with Nancy going home.

Will be: Can it be anyone else? Aren't they *obviously* the lowest two on the ladder?

What do you think?

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