Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 3 Are Freestylin'

I am stating it now: This will be another season where the best dancer won't win, but the best story will.

And I'm not necessarily saying that's a horrible thing. But I'm thinking this is an Emmitt Smith/Mario Lopez season, what about you?

Last night felt pretty thin for a finale, actually. Only one hour, and only two dances per couple.Did it used to be more, or is that just me? IN any case: The first dance was one the judges selected for the couple...designed to let them show off big improvement. The second dance was the infamous "Freestyle," where they are able to let loose and use those "crowd pleasing" steps.

1. Chelsea and Mark

a. Judge's Choice: Samba

My only criticism was that she didn't actually look like she was having fun. Chelsea is nearly impeccable technically. She hits every step; she hits it on the beat and with musicality, and she is doing really difficult stuff. But the Samba is a party dance. She seemed all angsty, not in a party mood at all. Odd, coming from a "Disney Princess", but maybe she was just sick of them calling her that!

b. Freestyle

Again: Very very athletic and very very difficult. You cannot help but be impressed with how far she has come and what she has accomplished...and how far Mark has been willing to push her, and she has been willing to go. I do wish they hadn't done the black light stuff...it didn't enhance my ability to see them actually, you know, DANCE.

Bottom line: Chelsea is clearly the best dancer standing, doing the most intricate, difficult, interesting stuff. And that and a $1.25 will buy you a cup of coffee, not the mirror ball trophy.

2. Kirstie and Maks

a. Judge's Choice: Samba

Now see, less difficult, not as technically precise, but she looked like she was enjoying herself. She was playing to Maks, playing to the crowd and generally living it up. Which embodies the Samba.

b. Freestyle

Well, what can you say? She's full of personality, and brave as all get out, but no, not exactly the best dancer. And this was sort of a weird, disjointed routine. Too many moving parts.

Bottom line: So, we've established that I don't think Kirstie is the best dancer, and I don't think anyone in the audience would mistake her as such. Does the audience care? Eventually they do. I don't think Kirstie will win. Getting this far was her win.

3. Hines and Kym

a. Judge's Choice: Quickstep

It was lovely, charming, but perhaps occasionally a bit casual. I agree with Len, it wasn't really all the way there. And yet, who wouldn't enjoy it. And who wouldn't enjoy it even more seeing Kym rehearsing in her neck brace and being reminded of her dangerous-looking injury last week?

b. Freestyle

Honestly, I was hoping for more. I love good, propulsive drum tracks where you feel the beat rumble deep in your chest. The lifts and throws were great, and proved again that Hines was a great partner...but didn't prove he was a great dancer.

Bottom line:So he's a good dancer, but not a great one: Does the audience care? Nope, this is where he is good enough and smart enough and charming enough, and doggone it: People like him and will vote for him.

Bottom line for the final result:

Hines takes it, followed by Chelsea

Do you agree?

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