Dancing with the Stars Recap: Finale!

OK, so Dancing With the Stars does this odd thing where they "save the last dance" for the night they're going to actually announce results. So each of the couples has one more dance to go, and yet here I am making a prediction.

So what went down last night? Here we go:

1. Ricki and Derek

First they danced the Cha Cha. Nice job. It was very fast and furious, and she kept up with Derek 99% of the time! Ricki looks amazing at this point. If her goal was to Kirstie-ize her body by doing this show, it worked. But if you were hoping, as I was, for one episode where she got beyond her body image issues and took pride in her strength and flexibility and general gorgeousness, you would be disappointed.

Freestyle: Derek choreographed a very difficult routine, with lots of spins, lifts and such. I thought at times it was too frenetic, and she struggled to keep up. There just didn't seem to be the flow from segment to segment. Big points for difficulty, though.

Bottom line: On dancing alone, Ricki probably deserves this win. But I don't know if she can overcome the story that is JR (and the chance to give Karina her first win).

2. Rob and Cheryl

Image: ABC

First they danced a Waltz. Frankly, I was shocked by the positive reaction of the judges. I thought it hearkened back to his awkward beginnings. Poor posture, stiff arms, messy footwork. I did not think this was his finest hour at all. And it wasn't just me. My viewing companions agreed. Did you?

Freestyle: He did a nice job, but it was a pretty uninspiring routine, IMO. Rob looks dashing, absolutely. But he doesn't have the goods.

Bottom line: He has come a long way, but I don't think he touches JR or Ricki.

3. JR and Karina

First they danced a Cha Cha. That was generally good, but again, he peaked two episodes ago to me. He didn't have the verve, the hip action and the rhythm I was expecting. It seems clear it's not about the ankle, I just think it's a matter of the other two stepping up and improving week over week, while JR has stayed at about the same level.

Freestyle: Well, that was nerve-wracking with all the buildup about Karina's neck surgery, yikes! But they did a good job. And this was more of the attack I was hoping for in his first routine.

Bottom line: Is no different than the bottom line weeks and weeks ago: It is JR's to lose.

Bottom line for the winner: I think that all the stars will align for JR. The story, his charisma, Karina's first win, etc. It's possible Ricki steals it from him (and even less likely Rob does), but I really think this is JR's win.

What do you think?

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