Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Final Four

Four Couples, Two Dances, Two Female Stars, Two Male Stars

We're down to the wire, and this is…I have to agree with the hype…the best matched semi-final ever. They're all talented, and while I might have a personal favorite or two, I really won't be upset with any Top 3…will you?

Each couple did two dances, and here's how it went down: 

1. William and Cheryl

Dance #1: The Tango: It seemed a little light on content for him. And a little robotic. I just didn't get the rapturous response. May have been that I didn't like the music (in this context).

Dance #2: The Samba: I thought there were too many moments when he seemed to be thinking hard and where he seemed a little hulkish. When he got to just be free and show his rhythm and musicality, then it really sang, but it was intermittent.

Bottom Line: If there's anyone I think is a slightly weaker link, it's William. I don't think as highly of him as the judges do, that's for sure. I think he'll likely be safe tonight, and I'm fine with that, but I wouldn't be sad if he left tonight.

2. Katherine and Mark

Dance #1: The Quick-Step: I feel like in the beginning she got a bit behind, maybe even messed up, but otherwise it was light and frothy and very musical, even at such a rapid pace. She really is barely distinguishable form a Pro sometimes, not just because she's accurate, but because she captures the musical essence. 

Dance #2: The Salsa: Other than the weird aborted ending, this was very very good. It was hard to tell what happened, but she looked pretty terrible at the end of the night…in pain and unable to cover it. Hope she's OK.

Bottom Line: She oughta be safe. She's been the most consistent and most high-level dancer each week. I do tend to think a woman will go home (just given voter proclivities to keep attractive men) and there's a risk people will think that she's hurt anyway. Should be interesting to see.

3. Donald and Peta

Dance #1: The Waltz: You know what? I really love him. I'm not usually one to be swayed by the unexpected grace of a big football player. I don't want them to just be better than expected, but to be actually good. This waltz was so lovely and graceful and emotional. He's definitely my favorite football player on DWtS ever…as a dancer. Not as a football player. Just so we're clear.

Dance #2: The Samba: See? That was adorable. Right?

Bottom Line: I wonder if his overcoming being a drug dealer will help him or hurt him. He sounds like he was pretty hard core. I want Donald to stay, but IF a guy gets sent home, I fear it will be him.

4. Maria and Derek

Dance #1: The Tango: There was some awkwardness at the very very end, which was a shame, because I thought otherwise they were headed to a triple-ten score. And then, go figure: They got the triple-ten anyway. And that made Maria's father, Nicolas Sarkozy, very happy.

Dance #2: The Jive: This Jive seemed to be built more around Derek than her. I thought her partner was Mark Ballas for a moment ;) I didn't love love love it. 

Bottom Line: She deserves to make the final for sure. She has consistently pushed herself, and this with a lot less natural grace and musicality than, say, Katherine.

Bottom Line for the Bottom Two: 

Should Be: William and Donald with William going home.

Will Be: Donald and Katherine with Katherine going home [Big question mark, though, I admit!]

But what did you think?

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