Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 10 Rock Out

Or, at least, they wear a lot of black leather while dancing.

Last night was Rock Night…if you use the term "Rock" really really loosely. But you know, Kiss was there…that's Rock, right? And also, some "heavy metal legend" band that the S.O. and I had never heard of…is that wrong?

Somehow 10 dances stretched into 2 hours, so let's dig in.

1. Sherri and Val danced a Tango to Come On, Feel the Noise by Quiet Riot 

This was the best I've liked Sherri thus far. She seemed quite controlled, quite on it, and not as muggy as usual. in fact, she was so on it that I agree with the judges that she was almost *too* fluid, and not aggressive enough. I was feeling like she might be running out of time, but I'm not so sure.

2. Katherine and Mark danced a Paso Doble to I Think I'm Drowning by Muse

So, Mark has this bad habit I don't like: He way over-dances, and makes his partner look less skilled by comparison. When the Star is the man, and the women Pros dance all around them it's not quite as bad as when Mark does it to his Star. I think it's *Mark* that makes things seem out of control in these cases. I don't blame Katherine really, at all, do you feel me?

3. Jaleel and Kym danced a Tango to Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones 

I think I was expecting a lot more from this, given his posturing during the pre-dance package. Instead, he seemed a bit flat-footed to me and perfunctory. I was not impressed.

4. Melissa and Maks danced a Paso Doble to Conquest by The White Stripes

I didn't agree with the judges on this: I though she still looked very tense and stressed to me. I did not feel like she let go. I thought Melissa should have gone last week, and I'm still not feeling the Half-Pint love. 

5. Donald and Peta danced a Paso Doble to Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

Well, my my my, doesn't *he* cut an imposing figure!! That was totally veering towards out of control, but he captured the intensity of the Paso no doubt about it!

6. Gladys and Tristan danced a Tango to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

This was one of those cases where she looked to be hanging on for dear life, and seemed a little lost. Maybe it's a toss-up between Gladys and Melissa? I think Gladys has way more natural rhythm and musicality, so I'd like her to stay, but she's not really keeping up with the skill level.

7. William and Cheryl danced a Jive to We're Not Going to Take It by Twisted Sister

It started out great, and looked like he had it, but once they missed the trick, he did get flustered and fall behind. He was looking at her studiously from that point on. And that certainly diminished the entertainment factor.

8. Roshon and Chelsie danced a Viennese Waltz to This is the Time of My Life by David Cook (?)

I thought Roshon did a really nice lovely job. He was very graceful and had nice arms. I thought he kind of got robbed on the scores…at this point this was the dance of the night.

9. Maria and Derek danced a Tango to School's Out by Alice Cooper

There were definitely some awkward moments, especially towards the end, but Maria and Derek are one of the leading couples at this point…if her feet hold out.

10. Gavin and Karina danced a Tango to Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones

Gotta give Gavin credit, he is working hard, and he is getting better. This was a nice routine; he did a good job, with only a few mis-steps. He is charming if not an awesome dancer.

Bottom Line for the Bottom Two:

Should be: Melissa and Gladys with Melissa going home.

Will be: Melissa and Gavin with Gavin going home.

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