Credit card fraud did pay

5 years ago

 Michael Hegarty

An offender, Pawlaczyk, with a history of drug and alcohol abuse and “frequent offending” in Brisbane, Australia is sentenced to 103 days in jail.  He and his 2 associates committed fraud to the tune of $35,000. For those 103 days, which is 15 weeks give or take, almost 4 months, they were “paid” $35,000 by appropriating luxury services and high end items they had no intention of paying for. That equals $105,000 per year, tax free, with Australian tax rates that means he would have to earn just under $210,000 for the year, and live rent and living expense free to have that much disbursable income. 

They bought fake $9.00 credit cards on line and used them to pah-teeee.  They tested the cards by donating to the Red Cross. Way to go boys, stiff the Red Cross!! Aren’t they the ones first on ground after a disaster, volunteering their times and talents to help all and sundry? Go get ‘em.

Who is to blame for the chicanery? One of the fraudsters was Michael Hegarty Irish tourist to Australia. Although he was the “older man” in this group of hardy partiers (he is 27!!!) it is alleged he was “manipulated and socially engineered” by his fellow scoundrels.

According to his attorney he “bore the brunt” of the movie “The Hangover”. He was brunted by a movie??? Really. How does a movie “brunt” anyone? What you lay still, do nothing, think only good thoughts and “pow”, incoming!!!! Hide the children!  Too late, you are brunted. Before you know it you commit fraud, vandalism, public drunkenness and pure theft? Did the judge and or jury buy that?

Those who were robbed at credit card point, not gun point MAY be eligible to file a claim for restitution.  If you ask me they are the ones who got “brunted” Hegarty et al had a party and got off almost scot free. A $35,000 party for a $9.00 investment, they are the kind of returns that would even make a Wall Street broker blush. And Hegarty’s attorney made all kinds of nonsensical social worker excuses for him. I guess it beats the “I had a difficult childhood (sob)” pan excuse.  Shows to go yah - some crime, under the right circumstances, and with the old 'movie' excuse can pay.

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