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6 years ago

After very little research, I chose the Sony reader as my ereader of choice. When I had it in my hands, it fell short of my expectations. This happens way too often with electronic toys.

My Sony PRS-600 wasn't doing the trick. The touch screen was a sheet of glare. It was hard to read because of that issue alone. I didn't like using the stylus, it was one more small tool that could potentially get lost. Then the touch pad was my favorite. So it sat and collected dust.

We splurged on an iPad but that quickly became an attraction for the kids. Initially I thought it would be a great reader. I could chose between kindle or Nook but use the iPad. Knowing my technology tendencies, I get distracted easily. I could not focus on reading. Besides once I started the iPad the kids wanted to play something on Netflix or play an app. Too many distractions. I need to focus on reading.

I sold the Sony on Ebay and bought an Amazon Kindle. It has an actual keypad and no glare. However, I still had books under the Sony format that I didn't get a chance to read. I found a solution. Since the Kindle accepts .pdf files I converted my books to .pdf. Using the USB connection, I dropped the .pdf files into the documents folder in the Kindle.

This is how I did my conversion, using Adobe Digital Editions (free to download), I opened my books library where I saved my Sony files. From there I downloaded the Digital Editions Converter. Here is the catch, I downloaded the free version of the Digital Editions Converter and it leaves a watermark. You can purchase it for about $30 or $25 with the $5 off discount for connecting with Facebook after downloading it. Open the book in Adobe Digital Editions, go to about page 4 of the book. At that time start the converter set a file name and chose optimal for ereaders, then let it do its work. Once it finishes (it will take a few minutes), connect the Kindle using the USB and copy and paste the files as stated before.

This is an easy process. I'm so happy I used to figure this out. I'm glad I did. I hate purchasing items then not be able to use them. I wanted to share with everyone out there who is stuck with file conversions.

Don't base your decisions on conversions. Another issue for me was battery life. The Kindle, with the wireless off will last a month. I have yet to test this. I didn't buy the 3G because frankly, I don't need to be able to download a book at any given moment. Considering cell coverage is so bad in my area, it didn't make sense. Nook has color but battery life is lower and I have an iPad for the color element.

Decisions, decisions. I'm glad I have the Kindle so far. Like I mentioned I wanted to share my conversion discovery with you.

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