Compassionate Conservatism

3 years ago

Was that ever really a thing? I mean, besides a way to sugarcoat regular conservatism to make it sound more appealing to swing voters? I think it was Tony Blair who said something like, “Compassionate conservatism means we’re still not going to help you but we’re really sorry about it.”

The GOP -we care about people, but we think private charities should help them. But we’re not going to incentivize private charities to help them because we need to set aside these tax breaks for corporations because trickle down because job creators because blah blah blah vote against your own self interest, okay? Ps: Brown people are stealing your jobs.

Anyway, it feels like if it ever really was a thing, compassionate conservatism is officially dead. And not just dead, but reviled. To the GOP, compassionate conservatism is like theprinter scene in Office Space. Smash it like a piñata. Somehow showing compassion has become an admission that there IS something government could be doing to make things better for struggling individuals, so we need to quickly pivot and put all blame squarely on the shoulders of the poor… you know, for being poor. And uneducated. And so unbootstrappy. Why don’t you have boots??? You think we’re afraid to berate a victim of circumstance (frequently a circumstance U.S. policy, both foreign and domestic, has created?) Well, we’re not. And that goes double for you, kids.

And speaking of kids, we don’t want those refugee children anywhere near these parts. You hear that, Obama!? We know you haven’t even asked Idaho to take in any of the 57,000 minors fleeing violence and poverty in Central America, but just in case you were thinking about it, DON’T EVEN.  On July 23rd, Governor Otter sent a preemptive letter to numerous federal agencies essentially demanding Idaho not be used as a staging area for “these *dirty little street urchins and their 3rd world diseases. Give them a raft so they can make like a tree.” (*My words. I paraphrased.)

I’m sorry? What was that? Honduras has a higher childhood immunization rate than Idaho? Doesn’t fit narrative – DISREGARD.

Wow. What a flattering light Otter is willing to cast us in…all to score political points in an election year.  I think what makes me most sad is that he (probably correctly) assumes this cruel and callous attitude is the red meat his base wants. I mean, after all, WWJD?

I know it must be hard that your Governor is so lame compared to Butch.


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