City Girl’s Guide: Surviving the Parents Tech Checkup!

5 years ago
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Happy Holidays! I know everyone is gearing up to "deck the halls" or in my case, plow through my mom's annual "tech to-do" list.

Last year, it involved cleaning up 4 computers, setting up a new sound system and other miscellaneous things. As I'm sure this year will top it and I'm not the ONLY child being put to work, I ENCOURAGE all tech savvy children to check out this Google gem from 2010.

Teach Parents Tech is a Google gem that I recommend to all tech savvy returning home for the holidays to send to their parents....RIGHT NOW! From the video on "How To Change Your Screen saver" to the infamous "Getting Driving Directions", I am positive that you will find that right video to solve that problem, whether it is at 9am or 3am!

Top 5:

Here are my Top 5 tips on things you should do to survive the Parents Tech Checkup:

  1. Set up the Webcam: I know, I know. Rushing to spot clean and dust before that monthly call from home MAY be a bother. But trust me, you will appreciate the words of wisdom and chats about how well your high school friends are doing.
  2. Back up the iPhone: One of the worst feelings is to lose all of your contacts, pictures and videos. Now, imagine how you are GOING to feel after getting that call to explain what happened. Save the breath. Do it.
  3. Save the Bookmarks: Now I personally use Google Reader to keep on top my favorite blogs and sites BUT I know my mother does not. Do yourself a favor. Help her set up her favorite news site (For my mother, Yahoo!) and then show her where you put it. She will love you forever!
  4. Setting up the DVR: Where would you be without the hours upon hours of Doctor Who on the DVR? I would be in shambles, but share the love and set up one at the parents house.
  5. Share Spotify: For the last 6 months, I've been touting the greatness that is Spotify. If you haven't jumped on board, please check it out soon. You can build playlists, listen to hours of streaming music with or without ads, and even check out what others recommend. My aunt is a huge music fan so I'm sure I'll be introducing this to her over the holiday break.

And that's it!

Do you have any tech tips or stories to share about past or present holiday blunders? Am I the ONLY one who has to play set up Santa during the holidays?

Sound off!


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