Cinderella Didn't Eat My Daughter, My Daughter Ate Cinderella

6 years ago


Remember a few years back when the big rage on Facebook was to post "25 Things About Me"?  Well my #13 was:

13. I am totally intimidated by my 6 yr old daughter. She has my outgoing personality with Ryan's confidence and she is just a little bit mean.

It cracks me up that I ever said that.  Two years later, Lexi is less initimidating.  She has softened a bit as she approaches her ninth birthday, and has developed a bit of a social filter, you know, like not asking ladies if they are having a baby, that sort of thing.  Or maybe, just maybe, it's because she takes it all out on the ice. 

I had a good laugh just now looking thru the photos of Lexi at four and five, before she started playing hockey.  I actually had her involved in the girliest possible activities, like ballet and figure skating. 

I used to dress Lexi up so fancy it was ridiculous.  I spent half my time buying and selling boutique clothing online. Now, not so much.  She likes to wear stylish jeggings and Ugg boots, but always mangages to pair them with sweatshirts and hairdos that remind me of a cross between Punky Brewster and Jo from Facts of Life. 

Oh, and she plays hockey.  With boys.  And she hurts them sometimes.  For someone so small and so cute, Lexi has a remarkable number of penalty minutes.  If someone crosses her, she comes out swinging.  She shoves, she bumps, she checks.  This tends to be frowned upon in Mite hockey.  Her proudest moment so far has been when her coach told her "you checked that kid into next week."  I know plenty of little Mites have gotten what I call the "LDS"- The Lexi Death Stare.  And when they get it, they better look out.  A boy on an opposing team recently made the mistake of telling Lexi "you're a girl. you stink!"... What happened to him?  Well let's just say, I don't think he'll say that to a girl again. 

I'm happy to report that off the ice she is usually pretty giggly and sweet.  Her brothers may say differently, but they wouldn't trade their feisty sister for the world.  Neither would I. 

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