Cheers to Ladies! Have a ladie's night this weekend!!

5 years ago
There’s something about a night with only your girlfriends that is uniquely fun.  A good girls night involves food, and for some of us, a drink of wine or two (J hehe).  After a night with my girlfriends, I always feel refreshed, and re-energized, pumped up once again to take on the world!  Something about the good talk, the bonding, and oh yes the eating and perhaps the drinking…


Staying In? The Hosting

What will you be doing?  Apart from getting together and chatting, you may want to incorporate an activity in the mix, such as:

Beautification Party—Set out all of your favorite skin care and beauty products for you and your friends to try. Good items to have on hand are: facial masks, scrubs, and moisturizers; hand scrubs, nail polishes, and creams.  Invite your friends to share any of their favorite products, too, if they’d like.

Movie Night: In girl talk terms, such a night is referred to as “vegging out”.  Kind of an oxymoron if you think about it, however, as “vegging” has a healthy connotation.  This is a no fuss kind of night, where you may order in, or decide to make your own pizza’s, kick back, and enjoy a great movie.  My recent movie night favorite: Bridesmaids.

Cards, or a Board Game:  If you and your girlfriends really like to play cards, this would be a great idea around which to center a ladies’ gathering.  However, steer away from such a night focused purely on card gaming unless you are sure this would be everything’s thing: insert my face here.  However, there is such a difference between serious match of poker and euchre and a flighty game of Uno.  Just cater to the interest of your guests.  Board games such as Adult Pictionary or Taboo can be very fun, just be sure not to pressure anyone into playing cherrades-insert my face here.

When inviting others to your event, you should mention what you anticipate you will be doing—especially if it’s a game of paint ball or poker—your friends may want to come prepared.

 The Food

Here are some appetizer ideas that are super tasty and sure to please.

Mushrooms Stuffed with Feta Cheese MH Original

Black Bean Dip with Baked Parmesan Pita Crisps MH Original

Make your own pizza- What makes this special apart from just ordering pizza is the home-made sauce you can prepare, and the endless possibility of gourmet ingredients, and just the fun in the preparation.  You can make this instead of the appetizers, or along with them.

I did this once with my girlfriends and we had a really good time with it. I prepared all of the toppings ahead of time and laid them out, so that they could easily top their own individual pizzas.  I used whole wheat pita bread.  Or, you could make your own pizza crust and roll it out ahead of time.  Or, sometimes a local pizza place will sell you some dough-this is usually not advertised so you will have to ask.

The Best Basic Tomato Sauce 

Topping Ideas: Cheese (mozzarella, feta, brie), rosemary ham, bacon (rendered half way in a pan), pepperoni, cremini mushrooms, marinated artichokes, roasted red peppers, green peppers, potato, zuchhini, black olives, green olives, anchovies, tomatoes, blanched spinach.

MH Favorite combination:  Quattro Staggione:  mozzarella cheese, rosemary ham, black olives, mushrooms, and marinated artichokes.  The. Best. Combination. Ever.

Apart from cooking your pizza in a brick, wood fired oven, here is how to cook your pizza the best in a conventional oven:

Preheat your oven to 500 degrees one hour before baking. Right before you put your pizza in the oven (get a baking stone, it makes a difference.), put on broil.  Broil for 8-10 minutes, or until crust is golden and cheese is bubbly.

The Drinks

Make sure to offer each of your guests a drink, or you can make a pitcher of a drink such as a fresh cava sangria!

Strawberry Balsamic Martini 

Cava Sangria

It is also a good idea to have an assortment of wine and a bottle of champagne chilled and ready to go—waiting to open the champagne among others always makes for a good time. Just point away from the crowd.

 The Décor

Unless you are having a theme to your girls night, you may not need to spend any extra time on décor. However, it is always nice to dress up your table with seasonal fresh flowers or greenery.

The Mood

Comfortable, free and relaxed-soft lighting.  Put on some music to liven up the atmosphere.

Going Out?


If you’re not feeling like staying in, and instead want to gather the gals for a night out, you can still host a little gathering at your home beforehand.  It may be nice to serve a quick appetizer-think light and fresh—that means no garlic cheese dip– and a cocktail or two.

Fresh Spring Rolls

Making a plate of fresh fruit would also be good!

The Ladie’s Cocktail: Cosmopolitan

Who’s driving?  Just call a cab, unless you have a pregnant lady on your hands who insists she drive, or just have a D.D, such as a loyal husband..hehe—try to prearrange who will be driving so everyone is not scrambling to make  driving  arrangements at the last minute.  As the hostess, you can propose you take a cab, or that your husband will be driving you all (prearrange this). I’m sure you’ve played DD for him and his buddies several times so do not feel bad about this. In fact, take full advantage of this: yes, that means crank up the Britney Spears.

What are some other fun and creative girl’s night parties you’ve hosted? Leave me your comments!
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