Cell Phone Carrier Secrets Revealed!

4 years ago

Insider Secrets Revealed

Secrets of Cell Phone Providers, Creditor's, and more!

As a sales rep for a leading wireless communications company, I learned a lot of the tricks of the trade, and my no longer being employed there is now your benefit in my tell all, secrets revealed!

1.)           Sales people at retail cellular stores do not make a commission on your cell phone!

                Don't let your sales rep fool you, they aren't selling you necessarily on the device because they get paid a commission on it, but because of the DATA plan that is attached to it.  Their commission is based on the dollar amount of your plan as well as how much DATA goes with it.  No sales rep at a corporate location will get paid by the price of your phone.  When a sales rep is selling you on a device, know that whatever pitch they are giving you, it's based on your needs and what works best for you.

2.)           You CAN get the Instant Rebate at a retail location JUST like online!

                You can buy your device at the retail store, and I recommend this simply because in today's day and age, it's nice to get your hands on this type of technology and have a qualified sales person explain all that the phone can do.  However, when it comes time to pay for it, remind the sales rep that if you purchased the device online you could qualify for the instant rebate, and can you get the instant rebate in the store?  90% of the time, a manager will approve this transaction.  If not, just head over to the mini laptop and order it!

3.)           Have teenager's or smaller children, or simply don't need a smartphone?  There are more choices than you think!

                Most carrier's offer three times the amount of non-smart phones from their website's than they do in the store.  The reason for this is that sales reps get paid commission on the plans they sell, not on the devices, so they simply focus on the smart phones at their locations.  However, if you visit your carrier's website you will find access to a lot more choices!

4.)           Go over your minute's?  Roaming charges?  You can get a free pass!

                Good customer service means that the customer is right.  If you have never gone over minutes or data before, or ended up roaming without knowing it the first time, please call your companies customer service and ask them to forgive the extra charges.  80% of the time, they will.  It is based on your history and if you are willing to change your plan to accommodate the usage.  You can also upgrade early a lot of times by using customer service!

5.)           Use your self-management tools!

                All carrier's have self-management websites and tools built right into your device.  If you track your minutes and your data you are more likely to discover that you can downgrade your plan!  Stay on top of this, as well as where you're at in case you need to call last minute and increase your plan to avoid overage charges.

6.)           BUY REFURBISHED!

                Don't feel you always need to renew your contract!  Unless you are someone who absolutely has to have the newest and latest device, you can purchase a slightly used device and activate on your account which also means ... NO CONTRACT!  Check out ebay, craigslist, facebook, and your local swap sheet ads online because you will find that the people who are constantly upgrading to get the best and newest, are also selling their phones to the public!  No contract means freedom!  Before you buy however, ask the seller for the device's code, which is always found underneath the battery.  This is the phone's identification number.  It is known as the ESN #.   Get that number and call your carrier to double check that the device is free and clear and can be transferred at no charge!

7.)           Sales people at retail locations also get paid commissions on selling you accessories, don't be fooled!

                While the "Bundle" package may seem appealing if you've got a great sales rep, you can buy the exact same thing online at nearly any manufacturer for less than half the cost.  Don't be afraid to negotiate your accessories with the sale rep, and let them know that you know you can buy them online for less. If they cannot cut you a better deal - buy online!  I was the number one sales rep for almost a year running at my store and I did this by allowing customers to negotiate!  What starts out as a $79.99 accessory bundle, if they would start negotiating, I would usually be able to drop it by at least $20!  And remember .... phone charges and wall charges are a DIME A DOZEN. If you're in need of one of these, just prove me right by stopping into any hotel around the corner from you and ask the front desk, "I think I left my cell phone charger here."  They'll pull out a box of 50 of them. FREE. :)

8.)           Check with your carrier about monthly discounts!

                There are very few corporations that do not have a cellular carrier discount.  Bring your latest pay stub and your license to a local provider and ask them if your company has a monthly discount.  Government employees get 21% off their monthly main line bill, and even grocery stores offer up to 18% off!  You can save money!  If you are a veteran of the armed forces, take your DD-214 and you will also save!

9.)           Do you really need a Smartphone?

                For the past several years I had a smart phone, and I definitely used the features that it came with for email, social networking, and the ease of the app's and the camera.  However, one day I realized as I sat at a restaurant with my smart phone and my kindle, and my laptop ..... why in the world was I paying an additional $40 a month for my smart phone when I already had the resources?  My Kindle gives me Wi-Fi, as well as EVERY single APP that my smart phone does.  My laptop has WIFI.  I have cable at home and a router.    By using my Kindle more on the go, I switched back to a simple phone on my account and now use my simple phone for texting and calls and carry my Kindle with me for the web and for App's.  I save $40 a month which will end up saving me $480 this year!!!!!!!!

                Remember, retail outlets get paid a lot of commission (This was one of my top paying jobs!), but it's not on your device, it's on your plan and your activating new lines.  So, take advantage of their knowledge of your devices and plans, but make sure you aren't paying too much!  As a mother of three teenager's and four cell phones on my plan .... this advice comes from the heart!

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