Can't It Be All Sunshine and Butterflies?

3 years ago

My husband and I have talked about deleting our Facebook pages.  Honestly, I read about 20% of what's written, and look at the pictures.  I can't scroll through a page without some form of political bashing, or someone trying to sell me weight-loss-herbal-supplement-pink-drink-makeup-nail-wraps-body-wraps-essential-oils-shoot-me-now products of some sort.  I understand people are trying to make a living, but sometimes I just want to see pictures of your kids and what you had for dinner.  Remember when you could post a picture on Instagram without trolls posting hateful comments?  I know, I probably sound like an old, complaining grandma, but it just AMAZES me what some of these platforms have come to.  Reading the stories about Zelda Williams having to leave social media because of the hateful comments of people after the death of her father??!  What are we doing to each other?

Politics overruns my social media pages these days, which is fine - it IS a big issue that affects everyone.  What astounds me is how there are individuals can turn absolutely anything around and make it a red/blue issue.  When did suicide and depression become left-wing/right-wing?  When did my college football choice make me Republican or Democrat??  Personally I make the choice to leave my political choices to myself (I don't necessarily hide them, I just don't wave a big red or blue flag).   President Obama made a beautiful statement the other night after Robin Williams passed, and the internet trolls took over, and it became about the Middle East and ISIS and now it's the riots in Ferguson.  Folks, whether you like him or not, which let's be honest, not even some Democrats do......he is still a REAL person and that was a beautiful statement.  Good grief.

I just don't understand when we got so angry, and why we decided it was okay to put it out there on blast.  I feel like I'm a person that could be angry at the world with some of the situations I've had in my life.  I almost died last year....I lost a baby I fought to have for 10 years.  Yet, I wake up every day thankful to be here and to wake up without fear to go outside and live my life.  I don't ever think about airing my dirty laundry in public or calling out someone for 500 of my closest internet friends to see. 

So......can you please just put up a nice picture of your Pinterest worthy crockpot chicken and your crumb-faced kid running around so I can smile?  I promise 99% of my posts will be about the Rangers, my dogs and college football.




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