Congressional Candidate Stephene Moore Answers BlogHer's Questions

6 years ago

BlogHer reached out to women candidates running in tight races this election cycle -- here at and on Facebook and Twitter. After collecting the questions, we sent six to each candidate. Stephene Moore, running for Congress in Kansas's 3rd District, answered questions from the BlogHer community here:

1) How does your experience as a nurse translate to being a legislator?

As a nurse you are trained to listen and bring people together to reach consensus. There are too many politicians looking out for themselves, and not enough people who have experience bringing people together and finding common ground. I will bring the skills that I have developed to Congress and work for the people of the district. People are sick of the partisan bickering. In Congress, I am going to stop it.

2) How specifically can we cover more people, close the donut hole, etc. and make health care more affordable at the same time?

As a nurse, I have seen all too often that our health insurance system is broken. I will use my experience working in health care for over 25 years to reduce costs for all families. We must implement electronic medical records and focus on prevention. In America, we spend approximately $0.75 of every health care dollar on treating chronic illness, but only $0.04 on wellness and prevention. We need a nurse who understands the problem and will work to make America healthier, saving Americans money and reducing the deficit.

3) What is your position on environmental legislation? Do you think government and/or corporate interests should be involved in doing anything about climate change?

We can’t put our heads in the sand on climate change. The last decade was the hottest ever and 2010 is the hottest year on record. Climate change is a global problem that affects all nations. America must make investments in clean energy technology that will power sustainable growth in the future. We must be a leader in clean energy innovation, technology, and job creation.

4) There's a consistent debate from more extreme voters about the role of government itself. What is your political philosophy on the role of government?

Government should represent the best of the people. It is a place where people can come together. For me, it doesn’t matter if an idea is Democratic or Republican idea, just that it is a good idea for Kansas and our country. It is important for people to be active and involved because it is up to all of us, together, to make government work.

5) If elected, what would be the ideal first piece of legislation you would like to work on?

Putting Kansans back to work by creating quality good paying jobs will be my number one priority in Congress. I will support legislation to provide tax incentives for small business so that they can succeed and grow. I helped start a small business right here in our community many years ago, and I understand the challenges they face getting off the ground.

6) If you could tell all of the women voters in Kansas's 3rd District one reason why they should vote for you, what would it be?

I am a moderate with life experience. We do not need more politicians who look out for themselves, but are unable to bring people together. I am a mother, grandmother, nurse, and community leader. Throughout my life I have worked with Democrats and Republicans to get things done, and that is what I will do in Congress. Finally, only 17% of the members of Congress are women. We need to elect more strong female leaders to help solve the difficult problems facing our country.


Sarah Granger blogs here and there. She is curating BlogHer's political coverage through Election 2010.

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