Romney's War: It's The Women, Stupid

5 years ago

For all his infamous gaffes, Mitt Romney's nobody's fool.

He might not know what a doughnut is (perhaps he should ask Nanny Bloomberg), but Romney's learned the hard way that a cautious strategy wins.

So, it's no wonder that when the "War on Women" let loose heavy artillary this year - he brought in the big guns: his wife, Ann.

A separate campaign trail for Ann has focused on her personal life - multiple sclerosis, raising five boys, supporting a career-driven spouse.

A recent National Review interview touted by the campaign, "Ann Romney's Winding Trail," digs deep into her emotional and physical collapse from the autoimmune disease and the lengths she went to for some relief and control over her life.

And a recent interview published by FoxNews relays that she "described the dark emotional time in her life."

"All of a sudden the rug's pulled out from underneath you and you're left with nothing," she said. "You go through this phase of who am I, what good am I in the world anymore."

But just when you think she's all heart, she hits you with the smarts: jobs, jobs, jobs.

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Solid strategy. Will it work?

No doubt, the Ann Romney ground game's working wonders for her husband's image. Numbers show him picking up speed with women voters - married specifically.

Ann Romney even managed to become the center of a controversy that made her more popular (a public relations dream).

When Hilary Rosen described Ann as a woman who has "never worked a day in her life," a nation of housewives went ballistic. The White House bolted from Rosen, seeing that the opportunity to marginalize Ann Romney quickly went sideways.

Romney herself laughed at the idea that raising kids and running a household isn't work. And who can't agree?

Expect more safe decisions from the Romney camp. Any notions of a "game change" should be forgotten.

Whatever decisions Romney makes until Election Day will be taken as to assure him the best possible chance to win.

He'll play it safe, maintain status quo and most definitely, will keep his wife out stumping for his candidacy as her condition allows.

So ladies, can Ann Romney's husband have your vote? Pretty please, with jobs on top.

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