Calling It Out: 3 Must Have Apps

6 years ago
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If you're like me and want to maximize your smart phone as your productivity rock star, here are 3 apps worth downloading:

  • Dictionary ~ it not only looks up a meaning to a word but also helps spell the word correctly, can also used as a thesaurus to find synonyms and antonyms.


  • Guidebook ~ super useful when attending a public event like a conference, museum, etc. Has address of the venue, map, schedule, a "my schedule" option and best of all, updates on schedule changes right at your finger tips. No more indecision about what to do once you're there because you'll have it all planned out and right at your fingertips.


  • Locavore ~ my newest favorite! Want to know what to buy at the farmer's market before it goes out of season or what's currently in season? Great search tool for local restaurants that serve sustainable, locally grown foods as well. Syncable with Facebook  so you can also see and post what/where you and others around you are eating. 


The app world is not shy on the plethora of offerings. For me, practicality and productivity trumps whimsy. Ok, I admit, I do indulge in Facebook and Words With Friends throughout the day but only after most of my work is done.
What are some of your favorite apps you'd like to share? Happy scrolling!