The Budget Un-Balanced

5 years ago

When it comes to numbers, I’m a little slow.


Actually, I have a perceptual handicap which is, I’m told, kin to dyslexia. In my world, numbers not only dance around on the page but they are also totally interchangeable. I’m a mess. That said, you should know that I had the presence of mind to marry a bean counter. He keeps me up to date on important numbers – how much money is in my checking account, what time we need to leave for church – how far it is to Birmingham – how many people are on entitlement programs in the United States of America.


If you want to be a political blogger, it’s a good idea to understand numbers OR marry somebody who does.


Yesterday that aforementioned accountant-type sent me this link. He knew the numbers would go right over my head but he also knew that I’d ultimately get it. I got it. I wish I hadn’t, but I did.


I urge you to look at this video which was prepared by a retired accountant and reviewed by my husband for accuracy. It’s not pretty. As a matter of fact, after you watch it you’ll probably have nightmares like I did.


I dreamed that there were hungry people pounding on the doors and windows of my house but I couldn’t feed them. I dreamed it was all about survival – me or them. That’s because it probably is.


If we shuttered all the offices of the Federal Government today, we STILL couldn’t balance the budget. If we sent our military personnel home and parked their Humvees and dry-docked all the aircraft carriers our debt would still be overwhelming. We are in a bad, bad way reader friends, and the only hope we have is to elect every fiscal conservative we can in the upcoming election.


Every Democrat and many Republicans are at fault here. I blame Democrats because they have held the purse-strings of this nation for forty-six of the past fifty years and Republicans because they were wimps when push came to shove. But blame isn’t going to help us now. Now we need actions, not words.


The actions will be painful.


Do you remember what happened in Europe earlier this year – particularly in Greece – when the austerity measures were put into place? It appeared that all eleven-million citizens of Greece were rioting in the streets. Now, imagine what will happen when Americans find their welfare checks are not in the mail. (There are 50 million Americans on Medicaid alone.) These days we’re recruiting even Mexican nationals to participate in our food stamp program. How are they going to like it when the SNAP Program fails them? Well, they can at least go home to Mexico. We’ll be hiding in our houses with neighbors pounding on our windows.*


Please do watch this video and consider it carefully. Not from a partisan point of view, but with your family and friends in mind. We have a problem. We can solve it, but it will be hard. It begins with you.


*Oh, and President Obama will be ordering military personnel into the streets and to the farms and grocery stores to seize crops and food. He can do this because of an executive order he signed in March – which now makes perfectly ominous sense to me.

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