Born in the USA...and Thankful

3 years ago

I was in church this morning and had a bit of an epiphany.  It seems simple, quite obvious, but I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was made in the USA...born in the USA, a citizen of the greatest country on our planet.  The United States definitely has it issues, now more than any other time in history, or at least in my history.  We live in some scary times.  There's violence between races, religions, belief systems, and lifestyles.  There is a scary new healthcare system attempting to be put into place.  We fear.  We worry.  We are uncertain about how things will play out in many areas of politics.

But the bottom line is I am American.  I am so fortunate to have the privilege of having been born here in this great country.  I wasn't born into abject poverty like some citizens of less developed countries.  I wasn't born into a war-torn country with little advantages and no safety.  I was born in a country where I was provided with a good education, lived in a modest home paid for by hard-working parents, and lived in the comfort and security they provided.  I could and can worship as I please without fear.  I can even come here and talk about my spiritual beliefs and quite frankly, all my beliefs.  Some may disagree with my feelings but nonetheless, I can still voice them aloud and in writing freely.  

I have opportunities like no other country.  Our country, and my life, have not been without struggles.  I've faced some things most people likely never will.  But I still live in a nation where there is excellent health care, technology, opportunity, protection, the right to self protect, clean water, and beautiful sights and scenery God has given us to feast our eyes upon. 

I want to remind myself (and you) as we go into some dark, cold winter months where it seems like the sun will never shine again and we will never get warm again, that God is good and so is America.  Our country may have its flaws but Americans are proven resilient fighers and I am blessed and proud to be here.  

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