Bloomberg's War on Moms

5 years ago

Mayor Bloomberg showed his usurpation of power and lack of common sense when he banned soda for the good of the people. Today he bans baby formula from new moms, forcing them to breastfeed.

What’s next? Is he going to ban viagra because of its side effects on men’s temperaments? Probably not. Men need viagra. That would go against their individual rights as free thinking people, adults, grown men using a pill that fosters personal gain. Politicians don’t touch men and their rights to whatever frivolous desire they have, but women…that’s another story. Only in this world, under the prescribed and domineering laws of patriarchy do women lose their voice and power and one of the inalienable rights endowed to all under the laws of God and man: the right to free will. Women have no free will.

We are told that birth control is up to us if we don’t want any illegitimate children, but we have to pay for it out of our own pockets. After all, it’s our choice to have intercourse.

We are told that we need episiotamies and c-sections and hospital beds and hospitals to have our babies, when for centuries, women have been having babies without any of these “necessities.”

We are told that we have to go into the hospital to give birth, but we can only stay for two nights, three if we have c-sections, when it takes two weeks to recover, especially after a c-section that was forced upon us.

We are told that we cannot drink wine or eat tuna or smoke when we are pregnant.

We are told how to parent, how to mother, how to raise healthy children, how to cook for those we love, how to please our men, how we should sacrifice our selves for others, how children need stay-at-home mothers, how we can’t lose our tempers, how to breast feed, how long to breast feed, and we are blamed when we don’t do any of these, which shows we are bad wives and even worse mothers.

Now Bloomberg tells us that we cannot use baby formula. We must breast feed our infants. This is no longer a choice. It is forced upon us, and it is unacceptable.

What’s worse than the usurpation of this choice that should be ours based on our individual choice as free human beings, is the language that is being used.

Bloomberg “bans” baby formula.

He orders hospitals to “hide” the formula under lock and key, forbidding access to it by new mothers who demand it, who plead for it, who don’t want to breastfeed, whose breasts aren’t producing milk.

Under Bloomberg’s command, if new moms demand it, then the nurses have to talk to them, talk them out of it, educate them as to why breast milk is healthier than formula. Mothers get a “talking to” by strangers as if they’re children who know nothing about their own bodies.

This entire decision reduces women, mothers, to children who are being parented by big papa Bloomberg, for he is a man, a mayor, and he knows better than women what is good for them, their bodies, and their babies, even if this new baby is their second or fourth.

This decision does not take into consideration individual choices, bodies, or complications. It doesn’t take into account the fact that by taking away formula…excuse me, “hiding” the formula, from new moms, places the baby in danger when the mother’s breasts don’t lactate on command. What’s Bloomberg going to do about that? Will new moms be fined or arrested because they cannot control the flow of their breast milk?

Bloomberg needs to resign. He needs to stop telling people what is best for them. He needs to do his job. He needs to focus the last days of his domineeering reign on controlling crime and drugs. Why not put all this power he has behind women instead of in front of them? Why not change the rape laws that keep them victimized? Ban rape and violence and domestic abuse. Attack the rights of vermin and criminals that degrade women and children on a daily basis. Go change policies and laws that protect the dregs of society, but leave moms alone. They have a right to choose what is best for themselves and their babies: formula or breast milk. This is their choice, not Bloomberg’s.

This is a personal choice, a woman's choice, not a choice for public office and bans.




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