A Bit on The Bachelorette, Episode 3

5 years ago

So today is Friday (yay!) and the Bachelorette aired way back on Monday, and I just cannot find the energy to write a complete recap. So If you watched the show, this stuff will make sense to you. If you didn't watch it, then not so much (and what is wrong with you? Why don't you feel the need to waste time watching junk on TV?). Anywho, here are some thoughts . . .

  • Hey Chris, (not Harrison) nice move with the high five after you and Emily scaled that building--FAIL! And then Emily found out Chris is only 25! But she likes them olda boys! He still managed to get a rose on this date. Chris is okay, but I do not think he will be around until the end.
  • Alessandro was incredibly entertaining ridiculous on the group date when the suitors were interviewed by Emily's friends and then had to interact with dozens of obnoxious little brats sweet little children. Not only did Alessandro admit that he has cheated on a girl before, he admitted to having a relationship with a cousin or something. He emphasized that it wasn't a first cousin but still, weirded out. Apparently things are different in Brazil.

             Oh yeah, and let's not forget that abomination that is his hairdo! He is entertaining though.

  • On the group date, Ryan makes some sort of insane comment about how he wouldn't like Emily as much if she ever got fat one day. WTF!? Who says that?! Definitely not a fan of that guy.
  • Arie gets the next one-on-one date much to the dismay of the other guys, of course. Roller coasters and Dolly Parton. Wait, Dolly Parton?! Yup. Apparently she is one of Emily's favorite people and honestly, I have thought before that Emily reminds me a lot of Ms. Parton. Arie gets a rose on the date as was to be expected, but not before Emily messes with him a bit.
  • Back at the mansion, Kalon starts talking to Emily about how he always imagined his first child to actually be his own biological child and Emily challenges him on this. Kalon basically tells Emily to stop talking. Bad move bro! 
  •  Travis decides that it's time for his ostrich egg to go, so he and Emily smash it outside of the mansion. Wonder what the PETA folks would think of that.
  • And then Alessandro decides to have a sit-down with Emily in which he tells her that he views her daughter not as an honor, but as a compromise. Oh HELL no! This is too much for Emily and she sends him packing on the spot. Good move, he is crazy, but like I said before, highly entertaining.
  • And then DJ Stevie was sent home in the rose ceremony. Oh well.

So we're going into week 4 and there is still no one who I am majorly rooting for. Arie is my favorite I guess. Why am I so indifferent this time around? I think I am getting pulled in more by the ridiculousness factor of many of the guys rather than seeing any legitimately good choices. I probably won't watch on Monday--yeah right, we all know that's just about the biggest lie in the world. Anyway, happy weekend to all!

-Miss Mare

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