Send in the Clones and Binge Watch Orphan Black

4 years ago
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Season 2 of Orphan Black airs April 19th and you may be asking yourself, “Self, should I binge watch the first season so that I'm ready to tune in to Season 2, or should I let this series pass me by like I did (insert series everyone tells you to watch but you’re too far behind now to ever catch up)?”

Well, we watched all 10 episodes of the first season in a couple of days last week and we have some thoughts.

We got hooked from the first scene where we meet Sarah Manning, not to be confused with Sarah Connor from The Terminator or Taryn Manning from Orange Is The New Black. Sarah witnesses a woman jump in front of a train after they make eye contact long enough for Sarah to see that they look exactly alike. Sarah then assumes her double's life and finds out that they were, in fact, clones. 

Meet the Clones (and their friends)!

Sarah Manning: The Working Class Brit

Image via BBC America

Deborah: I love her style

Vikki: I love her black boots.

Deborah: My favorite scenes so far have been when Sarah is playing Beth. Sarah was a better Beth than Beth was a Beth.

Vikki: Yes! I prefer Sarah as Beth to Sarah as Sarah.

Deborah: I also don’t mind Sarah as Beth in Beth’s underwear.

Vikki: Huh. I like Sarah as Beth in her pea coat and jackboots. I don’t even remember her in underwear.

Deborah: You don't remember her in the black panties?

Vikki: I’m the worst lesbian ever.

NEXT: Soccer Mom Clone -->

Alison Hendrix: The Suburban Soccer Mom

Image via BBC America

Vikki: She terrified me in the beginning.

Deborah: I really liked her scary self. It gave her suburban, soccer mom image a little edge. She didn’t trust anyone - not even her clones. I love her with Felix. She clearly needs him, and he is good to her.

Vikki: With nosy, backstabbing friends like Ainsley, it’s no wonder she latches on to Felix. I love when he introduces himself to her suburban friends as the "gay friend" and she corrects him, "Acting coach." 

Deborah: It’s clear that of all the clones, the life of a suburban mother is the most challenging. 

NEXT CLONE: Cosima! -->

Cosima Niehaus: The Lesbian Scientist

Vikki: Earnest, academic, lesbian. I know lots of Cossimas except they all work in non-profits.

Deborah: Her place is kind of mess, so I question her hygiene. I do appreciate her scientific mind, however. Do you think when she gets depressed, she takes Clone-apin?

Vikki: Stop clonin’ around. One of her lines that hooked me was when Sarah as Beth the Cop calls and asks her what to do with a dead body and Cosima says, "You're the cop. Buy a shovel!"

NEXT CLONE: The Troubled One -->

Helena: The Sociopath

Vikki: I felt bad for Helena.

Deborah: Me, too. She was dealt a bad hand and in the end, she had nothing left but the… tears of a clone.

NEXT CLONE: She Means Business -->

Rachel Duncan: The Proclone

Image via BBC America

Deborah: Well, they want us to think that she’s a bad guy.

Vikki: We don’t think we like her.

Deborah: Her hair is unfortunate.

NEXT: Their BFF Felix -->

Felix Dawkins: The Gay BFF

Vikki: Love him. He’s funny, cute and loyal. 

Deborah: Also, he has a nice bum.

Vikki: He really does. My favorite Felix is line is when Alison asks him to go home with her but he's tired and is crashed on the couch. She begs and he sighs in exasperation and says, "Fine. Fetch me something gay." 

NEXT: The Mrs. -->

Mrs. S: Sarah Manning's Foster Mother

Image via BBC America

Deborah: She’s a bad guy. I don’t trust her.

Vikki: No! She’s the Severus Snape of Orphan Black.

Deborah: We shall see.

NEXT: She Blinded Me With Science -->

Delphine Cormier: Cosima's Double-Crossing Lady Lover

Image via BBC America

Vikki: Why did Cosima go out for Eskimo Pies after their first time? Is that a post-lesbian sex thing I don't know about?

Deborah: It was better product placement than with The Fosters and the Kindle Paperwhite e-readers. I liked it when Cosima kicked her out later. But then again, I’m not so patient with the first-timers.

Will We Watch Season 2? -->

Other Thoughts and Looking Ahead

The show is not without its flaws. They almost lost us when:

Vikki: The tail. If you’re going to mess around with genetic whosie-whatsits, are you really going to put all that science into growing a tail? I never ever ever ever ever ever ever want to see a tail unfurl from somebody's pants again.

Deborah: The neolutionists are a bit too wacky for me to take seriously. I want sinister genius villains.

While the story unfolds, there are still countless mysteries we hope are revealed this season.

  • How many clones can fit in a Volkswagen Bug?
  • If there can only be as many clones as there are hairstyles, how many more clones could there be?
  • How do these people keep their phones charged while running all over the place?

We’re going to keep watching because it's great to watch a series with so many female roles, even if they are almost all played by the same person. This is a female-driven show where women take care of each other which brings new meaning to sisters doing it for themselves.

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