Bill O'Reilly throws serious moon-sized shade to Lady Beyonce. And maybe this time, he's right

3 years ago

Oh big whoop, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have anything nice to say about African

American pop stars. This time he has pushed his hate-odometer to the socially acceptable standard for black women, Lady Bey herself, or Sasha Fierce, or Mrs. Carter, or Jay Z’s baby mama – or whatever they’re coining her today.

Bill O'Reilly and Beyonce

Seems like every time I scroll through my timeline this chick has a new trophy label. Frankly, I’m sick of them all. And, this is very unfortunate for me because, for the first time since before Snoop Dog was last seen sober (does anyone remember – yeah, I didn’t think so) and he was still a Dog and not a Lion (geeesh these entertainers are confusing), I actually agree with ole dried-eyed Bill.

According to, ole’Bill stated in an interview with Russell Simmons, that Beyoncé’s new album, “… glorifies having sex in the back of a limousine." And that wasn't all ole'Bill had to say. He truly let Lady Bey have it, "Teenage girls look up to Beyoncé, particularly girls of color…why on earth would this woman do that?” And Bill, that is definitely the right question to ask.

Why would she do that?

Well, there are obvious reasons that just seem to scream for attention, but I’ll just start with this one, EGO! Beyonce’s ‘id’ has grown to such ginormous proportions; it’s only a matter of time before she begins to profess she’s Jesus incarnate. And, with a following as large as hers, I’m sure she’d get a whole lot of takers willing to sign on to drink that punch. The thought gives me chills.

I actually liked her once upon a time. She used to sing about being Dangerously in Love, the thrills of being just a Naughty Girl, and wanting to Be With You – but my how times have changed those adolescent sentiments.

Now she’s Drunk in Love. Telling little girls to tell the world “bow down bitches, bow bow down bitches”. And now she is being air-lifted to a new, rather underserving status, as the Queen of the New Feminist Movement; all the while, promulgating the hypocritical message that Pretty Hurts, while she continually parades around, in her leisure, in name brand this, and million dollar that - always aware of the distant eyes upon her and never allowing herself to be caught off guard, not even for a minute.

 Dri-eyed Bill is absolutely correct on this one – Beyonce should have known better and, even though she is, she should not be paraded as a role model for young girls.

Beyonce is a great entertainer, a masterful businesswoman, and unfortunately, one of the biggest hypocrites out there. Her opportunism overshadows her ability to be envisaged as someone that young girls should model themselves after. But unfortunately, they are, and they do.

All one need do is look at the innumerable YouTube videos, Vine paradies, etc. etc. of young girls. all pretending to be Lady Bey, or Sasha Fierce, or Mrs. Carter. She may not put “role model” on her tax return as her profession, but she’s got the job, whether we like it or not.

If Beyonce didn't want to be seen as a 'role model', then she should just do what she gets paid to get on stage to do, 'make music'. But when you start praising your views as the right ones for our young girls to follow, well then, I again have to agree with ole'Dri-eyed Bill and ask,

"Beyonce, why would you do that?”




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