(VIDEO) Bill Nye the Science Guy Is Becoming a Mythbuster (Sort of)

7 years ago

Bill Nye the Science Guy (it's just fun to say, and I have trouble referring to him just by his given name) may have retired his television series by the same name back in the late 90s, but he never gave up science. In fact, he's got a brand new gig, and I wonder if the Mythbusters know he's taking a page from their book.

That's right; in 2010, it's not enough to be a charming nerd in a bow tie, explaining why your baking soda volcano erupts. If you want to hook today's kids, you need to bust some myths. So that's just what Nye will be doing for VSP Vision Care. VSP's Liz B. explains on their blog:

To help educate Americans on eye health and debunk common myths, VSP has created a series of webisodes called VSP EyeFiles featuring the iconic Bill Nye the Science Guy and Dr. Roger Phelps, a VSP provider.

As part of this initiative, VSP Vision Care sent an online survey to VSP doctors across the country, asking them for the most common vision-related myths they hear from their patients on a regular basis.

So Nye is going to educate the masses on eye health, one debunked vision myth at a time.

I'll admit; I'm a sucker for his enthusiasm. And you know, this episode about 3D movies making people queasy is pretty interesting:

Even Cinematical has taken notice, with Alison Nastasi passing along Nye's tips for the dizzy from the 3D movie video:

Nye and the doctor offer some tips to help make the 3-D viewing experience more tolerable. One thing to try is removing the 3-D glasses for a short amount of time. Another is to close one or both eyes for 30 seconds. If those don't work, you can also try moving around the theater to change your viewing angle. Of course, those are temporary fixes. If you're having a problem viewing 3-D films, they ultimately recommend visiting your eye doctor for an examination. With more and more films coming out in 3-D, this might be money well spent for movie lovers.

Want even more Bill Nye? Don't worry, he's all over the place! Connie at Oh No They Didn't notes with glee that Nye has been on CNN talking about the BP oil spill, lately, first explaining the "top kill" methodology (with cornstarch!), and later discussing why he thinks BP discontinued capping efforts. The notable thing about this post is arguably not the CNN videos, but the sheer volume of Nye fans professing their love for him. Heh.

And if you need even more Bill Nye (and really, who doesn't?) check out BuzzFeed's round-up of best Bill Nye music videos (just as hilarious as it sounds).

Frankly, I think this was a brilliant move on VSP's part. If anyone can make eye health interesting, it's probably Bill Nye. Bust on, Science Guy ... bust on.

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