Beyonce is now a University Course? Yep! #MakingBlackGirlHistoryNOW

Politicizing Beyonce

Most of us learn about Beyonce through the blogs, news and via her own music. Beyonce Tumblr #MakingBlackGirlHistory But Beyonce is clearly on the upgrade and making Black History of her own. Rutgers University, well known for their controversial and popular courses on celebrities and their effect on culture, now has a new course on Queen Bey herself!

Are you loving it or what? I am actually really impressed and I think that its more than appropriate.

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The course is called "Politicising Beyonce" and with all of the talk about Beyonce and feminism I guess there are some socially political relevant topics that concern Mrs. Carter. They will be going in on her career as a way to discet American race, gender and sexual politics. #makingblackgirlhistory Beyonce ClassyBlackGirl

Oh Baby.

I also hope that they really get into the hair aspect and how as an American culture hair is everything, remember when Beyonce rocked that awful pixie cut wig?...They world went mad and I am sure that more than a couple girls quickly went pixie that day.

The course will also dig into the ultra performers music video's and song lyrics with reading from Black feminists. Hopefully there will be some Nikki Giovanni thrown into the mix.

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According to, The professor, Kevin Allred, said that the course will discuss "the extent of Beyonce's control over her own aesthetic" and "whether her often half-naked body is empowered or stereotypical."

Clearly they will be stirring the Black Girl pot. Rutgers University also teaches courses on Bruce Springsteen and Georgetown University holds a course "The Sociology of Hip Hop: The Urban Theocracy of Jay-Z." So now they have his and hers courses! I wonder which one has the most students?

What say you on the topic? Has the media and pop culture taken their love of Beyonce Bey-ond what is normal??...or is she just the hottest chick on the block right now and we cannot help watching her, talking about her and learning from her?

Classily Yours,

Sharelle D. Lowery

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