Best GTA 5 Online Hints and Tips

a year ago
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Youngsters of this day and age are lucky to be part of the generation. There are many streams of entertainment available. One of them is gaming. Gaming is no more restricted to the purposes of entertainment. It has evolved over the past few decades in one of the most successful industries. There is a vast collection of gaming franchises available from including all kinds of genres. One popular game that everyone knows about is Grand Theft Auto. An action-adventure video game series have gained all the popularity it can in the last decade. With its launch in 2013, GTA 5 has galvanised the gamers. GTA 5 is a whole new dimension in itself. Gamers get far-reaching about it to excel in the game. There is GTA 5 money cheat, and free ammunition cheats available that will enhance your entertainment. However below are online hints and tips to make you experience worthwhile:

  1. $18K per minute

A mission called ‘mixed up with the coke’ will get unlocked at level 45. Once you are done with the mission, you will get 18000 dollars as a reward. In the beginning, it may take you time to complete the task, but once you get used to it, the mission will seem to get easier.

  1. Helicopter and plane locations

If you want to fly in the air either it is real life or the GTA world; you need wings. To enjoy the sky experience, you need either a plane or a helicopter. You can get online guides available that will guide you through all the locations where you can access to air vehicles of all kinds either Buzzard, the Frogger or the Annihilator.

  1. Changing accessories

This tip will help you to lessen your wanted level. If you want to evade the police, try putting on a mask or other accessories. For example put on a pair of glasses or change the colour of your hat after committing the crime to remove wanted star later on.

  1. Cheap sticky bombs

Do you want to buy sticky bombs to detonate your target to get earn easy cash? Here is the cheaper way. In GTA online you unlock sticky bombs at level 19, and this tip will guide you when to buy it for more competitive rates. If you usually purchase them at the ammunition, it will cost you $600, whereas if you wait till the pre-mission lobby, they will cost you $400. That’s a considerable amount of difference.

  1. Destroy cars without getting penalised

If you want to destroy someone’s vehicle and not get punished, here is the right way. First get a jerry can. Then shoot the back tires of the car and use the gas from the jerry can to cover the vehicle. Make sure you include rear tires the most. Once done, wait for the vehicle owner to ride off. Sparks from the popped tire will ignite the gas blowing up the whole car. You will face no penalty for this.